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Monday, 6 October 2014


Not the least because I'm back home to Finland, unemployed and need to fill my days with something else but the endless conversations with my cat. I'm sure I've been greatly missed here.

A lot has happened since my last post as Alba Gu Bráth, and I will write a catch up post sometime soon. But the current situation is this:

I moved back home about 3 weeks ago. I'm looking for a job (anyone wanting to hire me?). I'm having a bit of a culture shock here at home, and I'll be writing a lot on this. For example, WHY DOES NO ONE SERVE FULL CUPS OF TEA? Seriously, I forgot that Finland serves tea from coffee cups, which here are about the size of my shot glass. And even then you're lucky if you get 3/4 filled up. Where are my tea mugs the size of a pint?! This is seriously a problem for me. But Finland has flea markets, yay! Two days back in and I already found myself a leather jacket in mint condition for 6€.

Rocking my new jacket.
I feel extremely depressed for having missed a great summer now two years in a row (damn you Aberdonian summer!), but I got back home just in time to see ruska take over the country. There's no word (that I know of) for ruska in English, but it means the process of leaves changing their colour.

I have quite a few plans for my future, but I'll get to them more when they get more current (or when someone realises how awesome hire I am).

This post is an announcement that Alba Gu Bráth is now buried (as is Scottish independence pursuits) and it's time to see how I'm coping while touching the void.

Ruska in action <3 br="">


  1. ruska = (autumn) foliage?

  2. I think you're right! I had never heard that term before :)