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Monday, 28 April 2014

Catching up: The Reels Ball in the Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst.

Since it seems to be one of those Monday's, I decided that maybe I could spend this time in bed by updating this blog. So let's start with the biggest event of the spring, the Reels Ball in RMAS (the British military academy, to which Rob would say "the most prestigious military academy", but who knows?). The main cause of stress to me was having to wait for my dress for over a week, which would have been perfect for the event, but apparently it had been delivered to wrong address, and I got the parcel the Monday AFTER the ball. So needless to say, I had to go do some panic shopping on Friday afternoon to find a ball gown.

The back of the dress in the TKMaxx changing room.

I didn't even realise how big deal the ball was, since Rob had managed to invite few of his friends for it, until I heard that people were actually begging for tickets on social media and from each other (for example, I doubt that there are many events where people will post "will blow for a ticket", but again, this is army so who knows). I've been to Sandhurst once, in September when I was taking Rob to start his army career there. It's such a beautiful estate actually, and completely hidden from the city of Camberley, though the entrance is right in the city centre. We arrived there on Saturday 5th and we were taken to our accommodation where we got a chance to change, take shower etc get ourselves ready for the night.

The night consisted of welcoming drinks (of which we obviously took our fair share), then a bit of informal socialising, followed by fire alarm going off. After the excitement of the fire drill, we were ready to go to our table, where we were served amazing dinner! At this point I realised that I had enjoyed a bit too much of the welcoming champagne, so I kept it cool with the wine that was flowing.

Following the dinner, was the Reels, which are quite similar to the Scottish ceilidh dancing. Too bad that I had no idea how dance them, and the instructor was this tiny angry man shouting at everyone that they were doing it wrong, but not telling us how to do it right. After the folk dances were over, the disco part began, to which apparently the OCdts who had not gotten ball tickets sneaked in to join the rest of the party.

Overall, it was an amazing night and I can't wait for the Commissioning ball, which is supposed to be one of the top 10 parties in Europe. But I must say, I had no idea that the officer were so posh as they were (despite spending few nights out in London with them), as for example our table drank the last three bottles of Bollinger from the bar, and some of the officer cadets came to complain to us because now there was only Lanson champagne left (talk about first world problems...).

Needless to say, the next morning was ruff. But it was so worth it. I hadn't slept in two nights now and was dead tired when I got to Heathrow to fly back to Aberdeen. Luckily my professor was in the same plane and he kindly gave me a lift to home from the airport, so I didn't need to get the taxi or bus to get home.

PS. I have finally joined year 2011, and I have instagram! You can follow me here!