You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Sunday, 16 March 2014


I haven't fucked much with the past, but I've fucked plenty with the future.
Over the skin of silk are scars from the splinters of stations and walls I've caressed.
A stage is like each bolt of wood, like a log of Helen, is my pleasure.
I would measure the success of a night by the way by the way by the amount of piss and seed I could exude over the columns that
nestled the P.A.
Some nights I'd surprise everybody by skipping off with a skirt of green net sewed over with flat metallic circles which dazzled and
The lights were violet and white. I had an ornamental veil, but I couldn't bear to use it.
When my hair was cropped, I craved covering, but now my hair itself is a veil, and the scalp inside is a scalp of a crazy and sleepy
Comanche lies beneath this netting of the skin.
I wake up. I am lying peacefully I am lying peacefully and my knees are open to the sun.
I desire him, and he is absolutely ready to seize me. In heart I am a Moslem; in heart I am an American;
In heart I am Moslem, in heart I'm an American artist, and I have no guilt.
I seek pleasure. I seek the nerves under your skin.
The narrow archway; the layers; the scroll of ancient lettuce.
We worship the flaw, the belly, the belly, the mole on the belly of an exquisite whore.
He spared the child and spoiled the rod. I have not sold myself to God. 

- Patti Smith

Patti Smith and Albert Camus. That's my weekend summed up.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Ramble on.

I realised that when I was writing the last post I was so tired that I have actually no idea what it even said when I published it. Anyway, I have now recharged my batteries after having to morning off (luckily one of my "kids" sent me an email asking if this week's tutorial was taking place, otherwise I would have gone to the class for nothing).

Yesterday was such an odd day anyway. Somehow, everything seemed to go wrong. It started when I thought about going for a run in nice sunny weather. I probably should have eaten more than a yogurt before, because I had absolutely no energy whatsoever and barely made it halfway to my planned route. That really put me off for the rest of the day, and my mood wasn't helped when I went to uni to print an application, but forgot the picture that was supposed to attached. I fixed it by attaching a picture from my facebook, but then I had to spend ages trying to figure out how to crop and attach it on the uni computers. Few more bits and pieces, and it's probably no surprise that I needed a pint. And then fell asleep on the sofa while the guys were watching Top Gear.

However, yesterday I also got an unusual reply via LinkedIn, and I'm really hoping that it'll lead to something. I might talk more about it if it does. Also, Rob told me to pick a destination for Easter break for few days, which means a new adventure!

I started today with a bit better mood and Body Balance-class took the edge off from yesterday. And I took advantage of the 2 for Tuesday-offers most pizza places do. Luckily my flatmates are very persuadable when it comes to pizza. I only need a pot of tea anymore and I'll be a happy bunny. Though I need to write few more applications for some EU institutions. I don't have any deadlines this week so I'll be focusing on them.

I wish I had any interesting stories about weekend, but I was just working and pretended to be good by staying home the night. But if the weather continues to be this amazing, I might have to have a bbq or something this weekend. I even got to dry my laundry outside yesterday and today! Mmm, it's the little things.

In my new hoodie that I won! Yay!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Mama always said you'd be the chosen one.

I'm starting to like London more and more everytime I go there. Three years ago I still didn't like it but apparently it has grown in me. Obviously, it doesn't hurt that I now associate London to seeing Rob, which is always a nice occasion. Thus, again I had an amazing weekend.

On Thursday we met up in the Waterloo-station and headed together to our hotel, The Union Jack Club, which luckily was located right next to the station. After a quick change of clothes we headed to somewhere around/close-by to Chelsea, meeting some Rob's mates, following going to the Embargo-nightclub, which seems to be "the-place-to-be" for these officers (if anyone in London has a weak spot for army guys, I can provide some inside information of their locations on their weekends off ;). I had forgotten how expensive London was, especially when it comes to drinks!

On Friday we had a nice long lie in, which I definitely had needed! It happens to be that Rob's weekends off are the only weekends I take off as well so I really don't mind spending most of it in the bed being sloth. When we finally made it outside, we took a lovely stroll towards the Covent Garden, where I refilled my Moomin tea-stocks. Yes, they have a Moomin shop there and you can buy Nordqvist's tea from there! After plenty of walking we headed back hotel to rest and change, as Rob had booked us tickets for the Lion King-musical!! Oh my God, IT WAS AMAZING. I was just sitting at the edge of my seat, mouth open the whole time. It was such a beautiful masterpiece. I can't believe that I even cried 5 times during the show! But oh, the actors were amazing, the choreography was amazing, the setting was amazing. If you ever get a chance to go see it, DO IT.

On Saturday, we had to leave our hotel so we ended up carrying all our belongings while browsing the city. A friend from Uni came to see us and took us to Borough Market, which is located next to the London Bridge. I wish I could have gotten more pictures from the place, but because I was already carrying a massive duffel bag in huge crowd, I thought that I had already filled my public-annoyance-levels. Anyway, another great place to visit! There were countless food stands, and if I ever live in London, I know exactly where to get my cheese and weekend brunches from. I wasn't too experimental this time though, so I tried a burger from Brooklyn Sausage-stand, which didn't disappoint me. The only bad thing about the market was that there was too many choices for an indecisive person like me. And the crowd was a bit ridiculous.

Happy hungry-hippo!
The Bank of England.

After the weekend I've had hard time getting back to reality, especially because I had an essay due for today that I had to quickly write after coming back on Sunday. I'm also extremely stressed about looking for trainee-ships and graduate opportunities within my field, because I'm really bad at writing cover letters. I just have to hope to impress even a one employer. But to make it a bit more easy return, Tuesday was Pancake Tuesday! Mmm, pancakes. I also started to plan for a brief escape on April by myself but I will get back to it once I have more plans. Meanwhile, if anyone has a great idea for a budget-adventure without a car in/close to Scotland, I'm up for hearing about it!