You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Friday, 6 December 2013

Happy Independence Day!

There's snow on the ground and only two weeks before I'll be back in Finland enjoying the real winter. So you guys over there better keep the snow on the ground!

Anyway, everyone have a great day and enjoy the awesome country we have in the North!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

2&1/3rd London this autumn.

I've been silent so long that I don't even know what to write about anymore. I have few ideas but I just can't seem to get myself to blogger long enough to actually write anything. Anyway, as I have one more weekend in London to open up, let's start with that.

There were few confusions by me on the weekend so I ended up a day before Rob in the city, but luckily my cousin got there on the same day with his girlfriend. However, I was there so late that I just ended up going to my hotel, having a nice bath and then sleep. I have to say, I booked my hotel via and it was one of the fanciest hotels I've ever been to (besides the one my family had in Mexico)! And the location and price (£90/night) were amazing, next to the Kensington Gardens, 5 mins to the closest  metro stop.

Anyway, on Friday morning I met my cousin and his girlfriend for breakfast in Paddington area and we then proceeded for the basic walking tour, Hyde Park-Buckingham Palace-Big Ben-London Eye-Trafalgar Square and then took the underground to London City, from where we walked to Tower of London and Tower Bridge, which I hadn't seen before myself. From there we made our way to Piccadilly and walked to Oxford Street through Regent Street, and I walked my visitors to their hotel next to the Marble Arch as they were going to the We Will Rock You-musical, and I went to chill to my hotel, waiting for Rob to arrive.

Saturday we spent walking around a bit more, then going for a lunch before Spamalot!-musical. I never realised how hard it is to find a lunch place in London on Saturday afternoon, but I guess I had it coming! I really enjoyed Spamalot, being a huge Monty Python-fan, but the first part I was a bit disappointed because it followed too strictly the movie, but the second part was hilarious! After the musical we went to find a place to eat and had few drinks, before Rob's friend joined us, followed by more drinks.

That's pretty much that weekend, I'll try to come up with other posting ideas soon. Only one more week of deadlines and I might be able to do stuff for fun again.