You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Survival of the fittest.

I got a sudden realisation today at class that I would have never thought 4 years ago that I would be sitting in a class talking about war as a necessary feature of world politics and that I was being genuinely interested in the conflict aspect over peace. Especially when in-class discussion someone points out that unnecessary killing and murdering happen all the time in conflict despite it being against the international law (that's another thing, 4 years ago I thought international law actually meant something) and everyone just accepts it without contesting the thought. What happened to the idealistic semi-hippie girl?! I don't know which person I prefer, this overly realistic suits better my sarcastic and cynical way of thinking overall. I guess both ways of thinking have their pro's and con's but Finns love saying: "The pessimist never gets disappointed".

To take this even further, I actually recently thought about joining the Finnish army after my Master's to gain some more leadership experience, but then my girly side kicked in and I realised that there's no way I'm doing a week or two weeks long field exercise in the Finnish winter. Nae chance. But to even consider this is a huge step from the teenager Noora who thought that she couldn't go out with a guy that went/had gone to army. And look what my boyfriend is doing.

It's amazing how all these ideas come to mind when you're the busiest. Last week was extremely intense for both studying and work. I didn't even realise how exhausted I actually was before my friend had a horrified look on her face on Saturday evening when she saw me and asked if everything was alright because I looked so tired (or "absolutely horrible" as she later cleared her expression). One of my supervisors said thing two days before that he had never seen me look so stressed, so I took it as a sign to slow down a bit. On Sunday I got my first over 6,5 hour sleep last week and it felt so good!

On the plus side, I think that I have managed my stress quite well recently. I got over my previous stress reaction which is that I stop eating (an issue I've talked so many times here before) and when I get to go to bed, I do sleep well (as long as I can). I have also managed to finish all my school project reasonably well, I even got 18 from my in-class essay! Yay!!

I haven't taken any pictures recently so this is quite dull catch up post. But I'm going down to London this weekend again, so I promise some more London shots next week!

Also, does anyone have experience from Birchbox? I'm quite interested in trying it out but don't know anyone who actually has ordered their boxes...

Friday, 8 November 2013

Another weekend in England.

I never thought that having time for blogging would be an issue but apparently it can be. Anyway, last weekend I got to spend again with my silly English boy. I flew down to London, where we met up and had a Halloween night out with the army folk. We ended up somewhere in Covent Garden and for the first time in such a long time I got ID'd! I felt so flattered :D Overall it was really nice night out filled with champagne and g&t's, but at the end we kind of got lost from people as someone thought that it was brilliant idea to change the night club to another one in Chelsea at 1 am. We got there 10 mins before closing and weren't allowed in, so we just got taxi to Rob's friend's house where we were staying that night, had some nightly munchies and then nest.

Friday morning we decided that staying in London would be too expensive, so after doing some shopping on Oxford Street we decided to hop on a train and stay at Rob's house in Coventry for the rest of the weekend. For the rest of the day we were chilling, went for few pints with Rob's parents in the evening and again called it a night early.

Saturday however was a day for new experiences for me, as Rob needed to some more shopping (MEN...) so we headed to Birmingham. I've never been there and the only things I know about Birmingham is the fact that Black Sabbath is from there, they have HORRIBLE accent that I can't tolerate, and that my friend Jamie is from there. We were mainly focusing on the centre of the city as that's where the shops seem to be, but the thing that had gotten me there was knowing that there's a statue in the city centre dedicated to the father's of Heavy Metal.

Me: Hunny, it's the IRON MAN!
Rob: Sure, if you say so...
Iron Man!!
I guess the Victoria Square was named like that for some reason...
Jamie had kindly agreed to meet us with one day notice, and took us to an Aussie pub to see the England-Australia rugby match (as some of you know, one of the few sports that I can focus on watching), which England luckily won. After the match I was introduced to Birmingham's "Walk of Fame" which wasn't that impressive, but still something! I didn't get to see all of it, but I got the main points.

On Sunday we headed back to London, had a nice lunch in the Green Park and then it was time to fly back to Aberdeen.

This week has been one of the most stressful weeks of my uni life, I might write about it in more details when I get time (might be in December). I've quite rightfully named this month as No-Sleep-November.

Failed couple-photo to finish the well delayed entry.