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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The perfect day.

Now that it's been two weeks since my birthday, it might be about time to write about that day. As some people might now, I haven't celebrated my birthday in about 4 years (getting drunk with my brother doesn't count) and I really felt like doing something this time. On the night before I tried to organise my friends together in Helsinki for some drinks but because it was in the middle of the week, understandably not too many had the time to show up. Luckily I prefer small crowds ;) We did have a great night anyway and it was great to catch up with the people who showed up.

On the actual birthday I slept in properly and had a lazy morning. We then took the bus to Helsinki and Rob treated me with a lovely brunch at Fazer (probably my favourite cafe in Helsinki, but a bit too expensive for too frequent visits). I've never eaten as much there and it was all just too amazing. I was on proper food coma so no wonder that we missed the first ferry to Korkeasaari Zoo and the bus as well, but digesting for an extra 30 minutes wasn't too bad option either. I had given Rob the choice between Linnanmäki amusement park and the Zoo and since Rob chose the Zoo, we went for that. I really didn't mind since I hadn't been there in over 10 years and I really wanted to see the snow leopards...
Food coma <3 br="">
We started with the cat section and as many of you might have guessed, I could have easily just stayed there all day. BIG FLUFFY CATS! ^^ Rob eventually dragged me out after promising that we can come back after the rest of the tour and hopefully those lazy bum leopards would be awake by then. The bears were quite cute as well and the new monkeys, and I'm quite happy we didn't miss the rain forest section either with the reptilians and even smaller monkeys! I'm so easily amused...

The elephant shrew! I laughed so much for it's name :D
After the bonus round at the cat section (one of the snow leopards had woken up and was impatiently waiting next to the other one's cage for him to wake up, hihihii! ^^) the zoo closed so we had to start moving back to the city centre. We had decided to go for dinner in the Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki, because we both love their burgers and it was nice seeing what the new restaurant looked like. Obviously, the dinner was amazing. I just love the food and drinks there, though they are a bit too expensive for your regular student budget, but since it was my birthday I didn't really mind.

The impatient kitty.
Overall, the day was really simple, but I absolutely loved it. It was a perfect, relaxed birthday with a hint of speciality in it and Rob definitely made me feel like million dollars with all the spoiling. A good day start panicking of next year's 25th birthday!
Second food coma of the day <3 br="">

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Finland travel tip: Koli.

While Rob was in Finland we spent a day at Koli, probably the most famous national park in Finland. Since Rob had enjoyed the park so much last year (and I love the place as well), I tried to think other things to do other than the most basic hiking routes. Luckily my cousin had been there filming a tv-show the previous winter, so he was able to recommend Koli Activ and their services he'd tried.

My cousin organised us Cave Adventure -program, which was about an hour (for larger groups it would take 1-2 hours, but it was just the three of us then so we got through quite quickly) guided tour inside the caves near by Pirunkirkko at Koli. I had no idea really what to expect, except for some crawling in a cave, but I had no idea that it would be such a work out! After 15 minutes I was already sweating like a pig, and it was incredibly how small hole one can actually squeeze through! The tour was about 30€/each but I think it was definitely worth it. The guide was real professional, helping us both in Finnish and English, giving us also great tips for the rest of the day.

After the finishing the cave labyrinth we briefly visited Pirunkirkko as I had never been there before and people kept talking about it. I must say, after the caves I was a bit disappointed by how small the place was but it was still nice place to see (I wouldn't hike there though, but as we had parked nearby it was worth visiting). Then back to Alamaja for lunch and then some more walking around in Koli, including a walk up the Lomakoli skiing slope. Not my favourite part of the day, especially as I was already completely exhausted and Rob just kept skipping on like a mountain goat (I might be a bit bitter of not being as sporty). But the view was amazing I must admit. On the way home both me and Rob pretty much fell asleep immediately while Sami had to drive us home. Anyway, a great day and just reminded me more why I love Koli so much.

Feeding time.

Tarhapuro, the fountain of youth.

Picture by Sami Jumppanen at LomaKoli.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Wedding and a quick trip to Tallinn.

Last Saturday my brother go married and I couldn't be happier for the lovely couple! I had been waiting for that day all summer with excitement and the day was just beautiful. Both the bride and the groom were looking at their best and they venue and weather were just wonderful as well. Since I'm a big cry baby, I was obviously crying the whole day because my brother just looked so happy and especially when the bride walked down the aisle and I could see how both my brother and his (now) wife looked at each other and started tearing up, I couldn't help but follow the trend.

The wedding party was a traditional Finnish party, with lots of music, drinks, food, drinks, dancing, chatting and drinks. I'm happy that Rob enjoyed the party as well, and luckily there weren't too many "So will you two be the next? ;)" -enquiries, which we have gotten way too many this summer anyway.

On Sunday, after waking up with quite dry mouth and making it to the nearest place that provided food in pouring rain (McD, for the first time in over 10 years and I definitely remembered why I stopped eating there) we started packing our stuff and waiting for our ride to the harbour, as we left for a mini two-night vacation to Tallinn! I've been to Tallinn countless times, but Rob hadn't, so with the price of a overnight cruise to Stockholm, we decided to go for a two hotel nights in Tallinn package.

We stayed in Tallink City Hotel, located right next to Viru Centre, so pretty much the perfect location. Since we were at Tallinn quite late on Sunday evening, we just changed at the hotel, went to have dinner at the amazing Olde Hansa -restaurant and then for a night cap at hotel and sleep.

Mmm, that dessert was divine!
Next morning we were pondering our choices for the day and Rob caught a Tallinn-guide from BBC website, that mentioned KGB-museum. After deciding that it would be ideal choice for the day, we realised that it was located at the Viru Hotel, right next to us! No further search, we booked ourselves for the next English-language tour and we were on our way. I can highly recommend the museum tour, it took about an hour, was 8€ for non-hotel guests and the tour guide had many hilarious anecdotes about the history of Viru and how KGB was involved with it. Obviously as a Finn most of the stories had more context for me than for Rob and most of the stories also involved Finns as we've been probably the biggest source of tourism for Tallinn.

View from the top of Viru.

KGB room.

Apparently I got approved stamp from KGB.

Trying a "spy" camera.

After the museum we went for a stroll in the Old Town for the afternoon. We walked up to Toompea, got some of the amazing almonds from Olde Hansa and just enjoyed the city. We also walked up to the city wall, which I hadn't done before.

View from Toompea.

I also fell in love with honey beer.

"Well if you insist on getting dessert I guess I wont object..."
For the evening we ended up for dinner at Peppersack and at hotel Rob spoiled me with some champagne and chocolate.

On Tuesday morning we got the ferry back to Helsinki and then train to Kirkkonummi, from where we headed soon back to Helsinki to meet up some of my friends for my birthday drinks.