You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Hermit goes social butterfly.

I can't believe that my well thought "a month in Finland, so much time to rest"-plan hasn't really worked out for me. Today was my second day during all this time when I didn't have any appointments done. So I went to town, saw a friend and made a lunch date for tomorrow.

On Sunday I decided to have a graduation party for my relatives, and my mom made THREE amazing cakes for it, which I definitely didn't mind. Mmmm, cake. It was nice to see my relatives properly and at once, as I always forget to visit some while in Finland. I also wanted to have some cheery event on the same weekend as Friday was not the easiest day.
Getting ready for my guests!
 Luckily on the previous night I had my cousin over with his girlfriend (and Minna came over as well) and we pretty much played board games for 12 hours straight. I can't imagine time spent any better. And Minna did my hair! No one ever does my hair.
Besides that, I've had some dog therapy as Mom's friend has brought her dog to our day care. As much fun as taking care of a dog is for a day, god one more bark and I swear...

I've thought about getting myself a proper camera for a while, and I'm really considering the Olympus Pen e-pl3, but I haven't really met anyone with experience on it. Any recommendations/oh-god-please-don't-buy-it-comments? My cousin brought his Sony for me to play with yesterday and it was quite nice as well, but I think I want a somekind of SLR camera to try on (and for Olympus' price I consider it quite a good beginner's camera).

Another thing I need advice on, is that I need to buy a "smart casual"/"lounge suit"-style dress. I've never had one and as anyone knowing me can imagine, I have no idea what that even means. I think I found couple of that style dresses from H&M (I'm definitely not spending a fortune on one) and I have no idea which one would be better. As Rob proved to be completely useless on this issue, I need other opinions.
As you can see I couldn't totally zip this one yet, but I HOPE it was because I had just cycled 7K and was still feeling quite hot and tired and the inner fabric didn't match well with my skin. But I like the style. AND FYI ROB IT'S NOT BLACK.
Then a typical LBD. OKAY ROB THIS IS BLACK BUT IT LOOKS NICE. Though my boobs almost didn't fit. But it's a lovely style otherwise.
 I thought that I had so much to say this time, but apparently I just felt really self-centred hence all the pictures of myself. Oh well, I guess we all have days like this. Luckily all the rain has stopped for a while now and I got to enjoy Finnish summer again tonight.
Though reading about depraved life in 50's Paris does not make me feel any better about getting rejected from Sci Po. Fuck the French. Though I still love Paris. Nothing can change that fact.

Monday, 12 August 2013


Ah, what a man! I can't even describe his gig on Saturday night at Flow festival, except with long sighs. So much power and energy, he definitely still has proper rock'n'roll balls with the stage performance. I'm pretty sure anyone there can agree. I was even lucky enough to get in to front row, though not close enough to his little stage right in front of the gates, but an amazing spot anyway.

Also Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators were awesome!

The Man.

Into my arms.

Ah, Nick Cave. There really are no words for it. Not surprisingly, my playlist has been very Bad Seeds-dominant for the last two days.

Especially this one:

Besides that, I spent my weekend in Helsinki basically in Espoo, at my friends house, and as he was working night shifts I spent the evenings with his dad, having a bbq and drinking on Friday night with him and his lady friend while my friend was working. I'm not complaining.

This week will be busy, seeing friends and family, but also saying goodbye to a friend on his last journey. It won't be easy but I'm just glad I got back to Finland early enough to make it to the funeral. Luckily there are so many wonderful things happening at the moment as well, so my August will have plenty of chances to temporarily take my mind of this loss.

Thursday, 8 August 2013


I got back to Finland on Monday night, got back to Joensuu on Tuesday and I'm OFFICIALLY ON VACATION. I'm going back to Helsinki today, wander around Helsinki tomorrow and on Saturday I'll go to the Flow-festival, my first festival in few years! AND NICK CAVE IS THE HEADLINER ON SATURDAY, AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Anyway, I'll get back here next week after recovering from the mindblowing mental orgasm this is going to cause.

Until then, here's my summer feelings summed up: