You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Thursday, 27 June 2013

Isle of Skye

We finally managed to get out of Aberdeenshire with Rob, and as we had three whole days to spare, I wanted to head West to the Isle of Skye. I had heard so many good things about the place and how beautiful the scenery is over there, that even though a couple of more days would have been better for the stay, it was still worth seeing what all the fuss was about.

We rented a car for three days, as the public transportation is not that advanced in this part of the world that we would have had time to get to Skye, it also probably came cheaper too. We started driving from Aberdeen to Inverness first, meeting up a friend who friendly loaned us his camping gear (just in case) and then by Loch Ness we continued towards the final destination.

Couldn't spot Nessie though!

The cubs enjoyed the view as well.

Urquhart Castle, on the way to Skye.
Mussels in Sligachan.
 When we finally got to the Isle of Skye, the next question was where to spend the night at. We hadn't made any reservations as we figured there would be plenty of options. We drove to Portree, the capital of the island first, but as all of the hostels/hotels/b&b's were full, we drove a bit pack to Sligachan, where we decided to camp for the night, thanks to our newly acquired tent and sleeping mattresses. I have to admit, camping with REAL camping gear was amazing! None of my flats in Aberdeen have been as warm as our tent was despite the wind. I was snug as a bug all night, slept better than in the past few weeks and overall just really enjoyed the experience. Before my experiences on camping have been exclusively wet, cold and extremely miserable. I'm first time starting to realise why some people might actually enjoy it.

The view on our first morning in Sligachan.
Furious wildlife was trying to invade our tent.
On the second day we wanted to do some hiking, so went down to the south of the island to Cuillin hills and spent few hours hiking by the path, seeing the Fairy Pools and after getting closer to the hills, we did some really beginner-level scrambling (I don't know which is the correct term, but anyway, just some really easy climbing without any kit) and got about halfway to the Bruach na Frìthe before we ran out of water and it started to rain, so it was convenient to head back to the car.

Obviously I had to go down and try how cold the water was.

Apparently I look Swedish in this picture.
Shameless advertising of my new workplace, got that buff from there.
The Highlander. Though technically we were quite far from the Highlands...

We also visited briefly Talisker Distillery in Carbost, as I obviously couldn't ever go back to the Grill if I had been to the Skye but not to the distillery.
View from our Carbost accommodation
 As Carbost was close to Cuillin hills and they had a dorm room cheaply (£18/per person) available for the night, we decided to stay there for the night and luckily we were the only people in our en-suite dorm room. After a huge dinner and some Talisker whisky, we were both dead tired by 10 (like the previous night as well) and went straight to bed after debating for a while whether we should read a bit more or maybe go socialise to the bar.
On the last morning we packed up the car and drove to the south coast of the island, trying to see the Cuillins from the other side.

After that was time to start driving back towards Aberdeen, first stopping in Plockton, to see the place in Scotland where Palm trees grow naturally. As we all know, Scotland is the most tropical part of Europe so why nae.... Then back to Inverness, return our camp kit, got our tummies full of food by our Friend's mom (homemade burgers, yummy!) and back to Aberdeen.

Cuillins from Elgol.

It's important to remember the safety belt with the cubs.

Plockton and the famous palm trees.


Aberdeen Angus <3>

Friday, 21 June 2013

Midsummer Madness!

Ah, how I wish I was in Finland right now. It's my favourite holiday of the year, Midsummer! Unfortunately I can't even spend the Midsummer night doing spells in the midnight, as I'm working early on Saturday morning. I hate spending Midsummer outside Finland because it's not a big deal anywhere else and it's just not the same without the nightless night.

To make my Midsummer-sickness even worse, I decided to take a look of pictures from previous Midsummers. God I miss Finnish summer. I can't wait for August, even though the nightless night is long gone by then. I'm definitely not staying in UK after finishing my Masters. Luckily I'm starting to make my peace with staying here, as the Masters course is exactly what I want to study, despite it being taught in Aberdeen. But I'm sure I'll enjoy the course, especially if I get my friend lured to stay here as well so we can tolerate the city together.

Surprisingly there's not too many pictures worth publicising as Finns will know how the holiday usually ends up ;) But oh, Finland is so beautiful on late-June and beginning of July!

Anyway, happy Midsummer to everyone! If you're in Finland, do a Midsummer spell for me!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Detoxing and retoxing.

After last week's shenanigans I figured that it would be a good time for some detoxing, for which the Yves Rocher's Detoxing Défiligne was perfectly on sale in their website. I had heard about it from couple of sources and though I'm not interested in losing weight, I thought that some sort of cleansing would do good for my body. I started my 10 days detoxing on Sunday, and so far obviously I haven't felt any different. Except that I need to pee more often, so at least something is happening.

Anyway, as I said, I'm not expecting too much. But I'm sure drinking this for 10 days wont do me any harm either.

That said, my detoxing plans didn't quite go as well as expected from the beginning, as on Sunday evening I got lured our to go say hi to my friend who got a job in a bar. I planned on being back home early and go to sleep, but I ended up getting home extremely early, at 5 am. And apparently I'm a member of a casino now. Never trust the Finnish guys when they say "Yeah, let's only go for a while".

Aberdeen is such a colourful city.

Morning mist really shows the best parts of the city.

Monday I definitely didn't feel detoxed, so I decided to join my friend to the beach with her coworkers to chill and enjoy the nice day. Unfortunately the last night had taken all the energy from me so I left after an hour or two home to enjoy the lovely feeling of doing nothing but drinking plenty of tea. I love my friends but my social life is seriously using up all my energy. I shouldn't be this happy about not having any plans for evening before Friday. I might even be able to get some detoxing happening.

After running on campus for some last errands for Oslo application, my plans for tonight are Supernatural and even more tea. Mmm, looking forward to it so much! Also, bumped into the professor that will be my course cordinator if I stay here for Masters, and he seemed happy to hear that I might stay here. It's nice to know that at least some Masters course welcomes me.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Let me forget about today until tomorrow.

This week has been another textbook example of the saying "When Rob's away, Noora dances on tables". The weather has been great and despite working pretty much full time I have managed to have a lot of time to see friends.

On Monday I had a day off so I decided to go enjoy the sun on campus to greet a professor and just chill. I had a good book and bought some tea and juice to accompany that on King's Lawn.

Well, as it was such a beautiful day (=perfect weather for beer garden) I summoned the guys to join me in the Bobbin for few pints.

Tuesday I started with work and as I finished at 2 I met up with Anneli for lunch and luckily we both know that those "I don't know where to go, maybe just some soup and sandwich..."-comments are not what we really mean, so Pizza Express was our very quick mutual agreement after some "healthy" suggestions weren't too successful. On Tuesday night someone must have slipped something on my drink, because it was probably one of the best nights out in Aberdeen and I just had a huge smile on my face all night. We started with the Breakneck Comedy in Snafu with couple of friends and although it wasn't amazing and everyone got really tired by the end of it, I managed to lure some people with me to Exodus for Motown-night (or is it called Love Child these days? Who knows.). Listening to the music and just having fun with friends on the dance floor does miracles for your energy levels. I was so much in my own little ultimate happiness bubble that I didn't even notice how fast the time went by and before I knew it, they closed down.

Wednesday was "fuck the French"-day for reasons that are most likely obvious to everyone who have talked to me about my plans for Masters. Luckily there's always people making you feel better so escaped my frustration to a "movie night" (cheesecake and beer while Bill Hicks is on the background) with good company and remembered how there are more important stuff in the world than hating the French.

Thursday... I have no idea what happened on Thursday. I guess I just was working and went to spinning.

Friday was again one of those "accidental" nights out that seem to happen to me very often. I went our "for a pint" with some coworkers after work and when you're having interesting conversations about politics, religion, sexuality and basically everything, it's granted that no one wants to leave so it's so easy to have one more pint etc. And when you haven't eaten anything since lunch it might not be the best idea. Oh well, it was great night anyway. Saw some people on my way home and managed to get a friend to accompany me home (not because I was too drunk, but just for the sake of coming over, just to clarify..).

Luckily I wasn't the only one at work feeling a bit rough on this morning, so I was given a great task of setting up a tent instead of being within the eyesight of the customers :D Tonight was more of a detoxing my body and soul, snacking on fresh strawberries and melon, nettle tea, a good book (Kjell Westö's Missä Kuljimme Kerran) and the Rolling Stone's the 500 Best Songs-playlist in Spotify.

Though I might have eaten all the fruits about halfway through writing this...

Anyway, just so that I don't seem like a total alcoholic bum, I have to write here that I started somekind of 30-day ab challenge. We'll see how it'll go but now that I've publicly announced it I feel more obliged to follow it through :D

Oh, and seriously, fuck the French.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Week well spent.

Nice weather has been with us in Aberdeen recently, so I thought last Saturday to drag Rob outside after I finished work and we headed to Codona's, the huge entertainment centre by the beach, which is about the size of Joensuu city centre. Summer's first ice cream outside, ferris wheel "The Grampian Eye" (aaahahaha, that cracks me up every time, it's such a fitting name for some of the views you get on that), arcade and just walking around and enjoying the afternoon.

Cricket I think was being played... I could be wrong too. Something with paddles.

Aberdeen during "nice" weather

Rob being a WWII pilot

I ended up in Codonas on Tuesday as well with couple of friends, while still battling my cold. But I managed to totally rock Guitar Hero, and got to try the bumper cars there.
Guitar Hero is serious business.

 I also made it to the beach on both Wednesday and Saturday, seeing some dear friends (some for the last time..) and just having good time in general. Not maybe the best solution for cough and cold, but it was totally worth it anyway seeing all the people. The end of the 4th year is so sad, as everyone's leaving to different places and you don't know when you'll be seeing people again. Oh well, luckily we have the social media so it's not impossible to keep up with people. Last night I also had my first McDonals' burger in about 10 years and I instantly remembered why I haven't eaten there. Luckily it was my friend's free cheeseburger so there wasn't any financial loss.

This week I also started in my new job, which so far has been great. The days are long but I enjoy the more informal customer service, and there's nothing better than being allowed and rather encouraged to wear sneakers at work. Mmm, my feet are very happy. Monday was my only day off this week so I'm extremely tired right now, but luckily tomorrow is off as well, so I've been treating myself, had some Mocha after work and now spent the evening with making nachos with my flatmate (Mmmm, so good..) and now watching Johnny English and having as much tea as possible.

Tomorrow I'll sleep in and go to spinning. Maybe even clean up my room finally. But let's not get too much ahead.

The cubs loved the nacho dinner as well.
Shortly, this week has been great and I'm hoping the next week to be equally great. Hopefully I'll get to sort out my flat for July by then.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Over and out.

I guess I'm nae student anymore. Or at least during the summer, while waiting to still hear from my Master applications. I had my last exam on Wednesday, for which Rob had organised a bottle of sparkling wine to open after we left the examination room. On Wednesday we met up with some Pol&IR people for dinner and then night out in Institute (former Liquid), where I'd never been before, despite it being the main location for Wednesdays (or so I've heard). Oh well, I apparently hadn't missed anything as I absolutely hated the place. It was probably because it was full of us 4th year students celebrating "last Liquid Wednesday", that it was absolutely crammed! And I hate feeling like a sardine in a can, even when I'm not on the dance floor! Ugh, people. Not my kind of place, but I had good time anyway, as I was just focusing on the company.
Enjoying some sparkling wine right after my last UG-exam.

But more important than my finished undergraduate, was my friends wedding last weekend! It was a beautiful day, beautiful couple and beautiful wedding, I couldn't be happier for them :) As the couple don't want any pictures on social media before their approval, I'll just post this one picture of me and another maid of honour, Anu. The wedding had a candy buffet, how cool is that?!

After finishing uni I've been just working and working and working a bit more, having my first day off today. Which is quite convenient as my post-stress cold came for a visit during weekend, and I really need a day of nesting right now.

Happy and sweaty graduands.
Gaah, I can't really think of anything else so I'll go back to my nest and return here with more recent news when I feel better.