You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Thursday, 28 March 2013


And finally I'm on my home to FINLAND! I can't believe it's been almost 7 months since last time.

I always have the longest transits on Schipol airport, so I decided to make the most of it with essay research and some wine.

I can't wait to be home though I will be missing my personal slave dear boyfriend who knows exactly when to bring me a large cup of tea even if I didn't ask for it. And brings me breakfast in bed when I want "one more minute" for 40th time.

But I'll get to see TAAVI!!! For those of you who don't know Taavi, it's my cat <3 nbsp="" p="">

Saturday, 23 March 2013


Oddly I seem to post only when there's something else that I absolutely should be doing. Oh well, there's only so much you can pretend to do towards your essay. Luckily I got the extension for it.

This week I've been pretty much been under the influence of the painkillers I got after my operation. I've never had any side effects from pain killers before, but these ones just totally messed up my system, though they were awesome for sleeping. I even had to call to work and stay home one day, when it got so bad that I couldn't eat anything solid until the evening. But luckily the pain is gone so I won't be needing the rest of my drugs anymore, and I even dared to have my first pain killer free -day yesterday, conveniently before going out for my friends birthday.

Today I've been fighting against the gods of weather (for those don't know, Aberdeen has been FREEZING cold for the past two weeks and for the last couple of days the wind has been blood stopping cold, I even had to find my gloves, for the first time this year!) and went to have lunch in town with my friend. Unfortunately for us, we didn't realise that we were both going to library afterwards and had to walk all the way back together (not that it was horrible to go to library together, but that we could have met up somewhere closer to the campus). I didn't manage to be as productive as I had hoped in the library, but oh well, tomorrow is a new day, and I get to finally go back to spinning! I can't believe that I've stuck with regular exercise and even enjoy it!

I think now it would be time to clean up my room, as it is basically a dump. I feel like taking a picture of it but it's quite horrible so I probably wouldn't dare to post it anyway, you all would judge me so badly. I should do something about my sloppiness.. But first some tea.

Finally a picture where I don't have huge dark circles around my eyes.

Me and the boys, ready to nest hard tonight!
Also, I hope no one is tired of Fleetwood Mac's songs yet:

I was about to apologise my completely pointless post before I realised that I've never had a point before, so I guess it shouldn't be anything new.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

I'm alive!

I got back home yesterday after my operation, I had to stay overnight after all, but everything went well. It's weird how I told almost no one about it, besides writing about it here (and not that many people know about my blog) but I still feel like writing how everything went. I think this is just one of those things that is hard to bring up in a conversation.

The reason it was such a big deal for me was that I've never been in hospital longer than maybe an hour, and definitely never had any kind of operation done to me. So going by myself to a city I've never been to, to get an operation alone was something that made me quite nervous. However, since I had been transferred to a private hospital by NHS, I was mainly amazed of how friendly everyone was, the fact that I had a private room with en suite bathroom twice the size of my flat's bathroom and just overall of how great everyone treating me were. And the food was so good! Though I think the dinner after operation tasted so good was also because I hadn't eaten in over 10 hours.. But anyway, I never knew being in hospital could be almost enjoyable.

I'm not going into further details of why I was there, but shortly, it was for diagnostic purposes, a small camera was put through my belly button to have a look around, and absolutely nothing abnormal was found, which is good as it means that all the serious things are now ruled out.

Though everything went well they still wanted to keep me there for 24 hours after waking up from the anaesthesia, and I didn't really mind since I had books to read and a tv in my room. I'm just not used to having so many people taking care of me and as a basic Finn manner, it was hard to admit that I was in pain to the nurses, as my answers were like "Oh, I'm very good thank you! No problems at all. Oh, well I guess I wouldn't mind ONE painkiller but I'm sure that's more than enough already!". I'm just not used to being the patient, but I realised around halfway my visit that actually sometimes it's quite nice to let other people to take care of you.

As I was in the hospital 4 hours before my actual operation, there was a LOT of waiting time, so here's some pictures from the visit:

Seriously, our 6-person room in The Hague was smaller than my room.

How hot am I?! The mandatory mirror pose ;)

Huge bathroom!

I admitted the next morning that maybe I was in pain and could use some painkillers. But I really didn't need them after the operation, I think they gave me good enough painkillers while in the operation since I was completely out of this world when I woke up.
My friend gave me a book to read :D

Going back to Aberdeen.

Also, I'm never taking megabus again. Rob booked me into CityLink Gold for return, and though it was £6 more expensive, it was almost an hour faster and we got complimentary tea/coffee, water/soda, sandwich, short bread and toffee. And yes, I'm a sucker for everything complimentary! And it didn't smell like toilet refresher like the bus I took to Glasgow did.

Back home with my boys. I sent Rob away already so that I could study.
Now it's time actually start my essay, one week to go and I haven't done anything yet, oops.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Snow returned to Aberdeen.

So much for the spring.

The King's Ball night was quite a disaster for me, so not too much about it then. Though I totally ruined it by myself, so can't blame anyone else. To give an example of how much I did not enjoy it, I realised later on that I never even tried the chocolate fountain. I can't believe I missed that for being grumpy. Oh well, at least I can learn something from this (stop being a moody bitch).

This is pretty much the only picture of me from that night.

A week ago I had a friends birthday dinner, which was in a really nice restaurant, but we had to wait for 50 mins to get to our table (yes, we had a reservation), and I asked not to have coriander in my food (I really hate coriander) but I got it anyway. So not a successful night either :D It was okay though, as I had had a dinner two hours earlier in another restaurant seeing other friend, so I wasn't that hungry after all.

How awkward can I look in a photo?
Also, the much expected Superteams got cancelled, as for everyone's surprise Sunday morning in Aberdeen looked like this:

So better luck on 20th of April. I got these pictures after finishing in library last night, don't know if you can actually see anything, but I thought that since I haven't posted too many pictures of campus, I might as well do it now. 

Has anyone else living abroad noticed how hard it is to write academic Finnish? I started one application where I have to write my motivation letter in Finnish, and I realised that it's easier for me to write it first in English and then translate it to Finnish than trying to write it straight in Finnish. I think more in English anyway, and though I speak Finnish regularly, it's more of a Finglish and dialect. The job would be for Tel Aviv, so everyone keep your fingers crossed for me, I really want that job!

I've also started applying for Master programs, which I thought I wouldn't do just yet, but I think I have pretty good chances for couple of places, and I only want to have a gap year if I get a job within my field of study (TEL AVIV!!!!).

This week I'll have my first ever hospital operation (nothing serious, just for diagnostic purposes) so I'm quite nervous about it, especially because I have to go to Glasgow for it by myself. But I'll write more about it on weekend, as I probably wont be able to do anything else except lie on the bed.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Getting ready

This week I've been mainly been planning something that I can't really talk about here. But I'll write more about it when the time is right.

Now my main plan is to get ready for the King's Awards Ball, so excited! The only problem is that I have a presentation due tomorrow... Not the best timing. Oh well, luckily my man (who's the best ever) has done everything for me. I'm not proud of it, but honestly, I haven't had too much time for anything this week.

So, this is me now

Almost done! More pictures will follow later this week :)

Friday, 1 March 2013

This week.

I'm struggling so much with studying after submitting my dissertation. I have zero focus or will power for my other courses. Which is quite inconvenient since I have an in-class essay and a presentation next week. Luckily I have the best man ever helping me by giving me his notes etc... (though I have done SOME studying on my own as well...) I've been really boring this week otherwise, just going to uni and working. Last weekend I was cheating with studying and decided to go for couple of drinks with the guys on Saturday, resulting me sitting at friend's flat first listening them argue whether or not play and then watching the boys play video games and having beer. I think I need to find new friends to hang out with.

Though on Wednesday I went to an OTC party (if you live in UK and someone invites you to OTC party, do it) and as usually got "couple of drinks". Though it's not really a surprise that in that company drinks are downed fast and efficiently. I just need to remind Rob that once I start drinking WKD's or likewise, he needs to bring me water instead of another drink. As a result, after two hours I looked like this:

Also, no idea what's in that glass.
I was hurting quite a lot yesterday morning as a result, but had great time anyway. And there's nothing like stupid jokes and loving company helping you recover from hangover. And macaroni pie! I never understood their point, but yesterday it was like the best thing ever. As well as this joke:


Anyway, next week there's the King's Ball and Superteams! So maybe I have finally something to write about...