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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Den Haag and Amsterdam

I survived the four night trip to Hague and Amsterdam! It was such a great trip with great people. Last Wednesday we flew from Glasgow to Amsterdam, then took train to Hague, our first location. We had couple of drinks in our hostel and then crawled into our triple bunk beds (I had never seen one before!). On Thursday we went to see ICC (International Criminal Court), of which I was so excited, and also the Dutch Parliament. I never knew that the Dutch parliamentary system was almost identical to Finnish system!

Den Haag hostel
Thursday night (also the Valentine's Day) was interesting to say the least. We started in a small Italian restaurant, where we had our dinner, and after all other customers had left the place, the employees organised a proper party for our group. The music was blasting, waiter gave all of us girls roses and after couple of shots people started dancing (I must admit that I was one of them... Photographic evidence will never be released). After that the groups disassembled slightly, but most of us just got back to hostel "for couple of drinks before bed". Boy, were we wrong. The hostel owner was chilling with his friend in the lounge area and apparently they had been wondering why it was so quiet. When we got in, they immediately gave us a complimentary round of shots, and ad I went to buy a glass of wine, the friend of owner just said that it was on the house, and gave me a full bottle as well. We all ended up chilling in the lounge area of the hostel, and the owner kept bringing us bottles of whatever alcohol he happened to have. After a while tin foil found its way to the party and for reasons unknown people started making tinfoil hats... Needless to say, on Friday morning the whole group was a walking hungover on the streets of Hague, and especially in the ICJ (International Court of Justice) and in Peace Palace (I think I was still drunk at the time). But it was such a random night that it was totally worth it.

On Friday we left Hague and entered Amsterdam. There we didn't have much of program, so people went to their separate ways and spent the time as they wished. I wanted to just walk around and see the city. I didn't have any special sights that I wanted to see, but I knew that just sitting in a coffee shop was not the way I wanted to spend my time. So each day I just chose a bit different route to walk with different people and enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam. I wish I had gone to a museum, but if I had gone, I would have spent the whole day in there, so I preferred just walking (oh wait, I did go to the erotic museum, does that count). Amsterdam is such a pretty city!

On Friday night I saw the guys I worked with in Indonesia and had a great night out with them, but on Saturday my sleep deprivation took over and as I had slept maybe 12 hours total on the previous 3 nights, I just had an early night in, while others were enjoying the last of the city. I don't have much to say about Amsterdam otherwise, so here's some pictures.

The Peace Palace


I stood in front of this statue for 15 minutes by myself, laughing out loud. It cracked my up the whole day...

I really don't understand why people go to Amsterdam just to get high. It's such a beautiful city, why would anyone want to miss that? I just don't see the point of travelling to another country just to get high, when I'm pretty sure it's not that hard to do anywhere else in the world either. I rather got sugar high on the amazing waffles they have over there, made with REAL BUTTER, OMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM.

It was an amazing trip, but it just reminded me that I hate people :D I really like persons but as a group people just start to annoy me so quickly. I know that I'm the most indecisive person ever, so I shouldn't get annoyed from others being similar as well, but I'm also the most impatient person and can't stand waiting around and choosing restaurants as a group etc. I fundamentally hate operating as group. But then the individuals themselves are so great that even I was almost able to function within the group! Who knew?

Also, I got the Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds' new album from Rob, I'm seriously going to keep this man. Such an amazing album <3>

Saturday, 9 February 2013

She is like a cat in the dark and then she is the darkness.

A huge burden is now over and my head is completely empty now. Last night when people asked how my dissertation was I just gave them a blank look not knowing what to answer. But it's done.

Last night was an amazing night as couple of my friends had their birthdays and then we all had our dissertations handed in, (and most importantly I didn't get too drunk!) catching up with people and it was just kind of resurrection from the stressed out student to a human being who still knows how to have fun. I also rediscovered that if I want to have a great night I need to drink whisky instead of wine. Wine makes me drama queen but when I drink whisky I'm always such a happy, social drunk. We went to Babylon, where I'd never been (though I've hardly been to any nightclubs in Aberdeen, not really my thing) and as my friend knew the manager we got the VIP-section. I've never been VIP anywhere, but after realising that it was just a separate stand from the main floor I didn't feel quite as luxurious I had though. Oh well, great night anyway and I really needed it. And I managed to keep my boots on the whole night! I'm almost a woman soon if I can keep up walking with heels like last night!

Or maybe I felt like a drunk cat with a cunning plan. You choose. (flash in a pitch black nightclub might make you temporarily blind)

But ending dissertation means that now I need to start looking for things to do after graduation. And it terrifies me. I've been thinking of maybe staying in Aberdeen as the postgraduate course I want to do is supposed to be really good in here, but I don't really want to stay in Aberdeen... Obviously I'd like stay relatively close to UK, but I just don't know what I want, and what can I do. Maybe it'll come clear after some time of fresh thinking that doesn't involve private soldiers. Anyway, next week to the Netherlands!

To make my day even better I found amazing blazer by Diesel from a charity shop for £6!!

Today's tune:

Friday, 8 February 2013

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Six Nations is here!

FINALLY. It's the time of the year to forget about everything else, go to a pub, have couple of pints and watch some quality rugby. Apparently from now on I'm obliged to support England, but I think that I live with that (Earlier I just supported the team with the hottest players). And I remember that last year English player's shirt got ripped. It was a beautiful moment.

So I'll give myself a couple of hour break from studying and bring on Scotland-England game!

I realised yesterday that for the first time a man got me to keep a track on football score. What's happening to me?! But there's no way that football gets similar place in my heart as rugby and ice hockey have. Though I was told that I'm the world's biggest Coventry City FC fan. And so are the kids:

Meet Dragon and Chris. Wrapped with Tolstoy in Coventry City FC's scarf.