You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Thursday, 31 January 2013


I've hit the wall.

And I feel like banging my head through it to get to the other side.

Shortly, I couldn't be more fed up with the dissertation. Also this week the hormones have been driving my moods to every direction, making me the most annoying drama queen, freaking out on everything. And it's not helping that I'm so fed up with paper and the research and academics and life. Every article writes the same things, referring to the same authors. And I still need to read about 20 more of them. And the only company that agreed for an interview apparently gave me wrong number to call. So much for that originality then.

Also, tomorrow I'm going back to work. I'm not sure how I feel about that, I miss working in pub more. Or then I just miss pubs. I know I'll be solid drunk for the next weekend after I've handed in this pile of crap.

But at least I've kept going to the spinning classes! Who would have thought that after going there three times a week for a month, I'd still be doing it?! I know I didn't.

I promise to write happier post after all this BS is over. Hey, Amsterdam and Hague in two weeks!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Happy Burns Night!

(Don't ask me what Burns night it, it has something to do with the Scottish poet Richard Burns, but I don't really know what it's about)

I thought it would be rude not to forward this picture my friend sent:

Photographer: David Vance
Ah, kilts. Scotland's gift to the rest of the world.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Exam done, dissertation to go.

Exam is now behind, and I have no idea how it went. It seemed a bit easy, but then I know I completely messed one essay and since it seemed so easy, marking might be a bit more strict. Oh well, it's done. It was probably the first exam in uni when I didn't feel like crying or panicking the night before, it felt really odd. No wonder if I screwed it up (though I really doubt that. I just don't want to think about it).

Now only dissertation to go, and next week starts new term with two new courses. Haven't really made up my mind yet what to choose, as two of the IR courses seem really interesting, and one is taught by my dissertation adviser and he's awesome. So might go for that one. Who knows.

Also, next week I'll start working again, so we'll see how well that'll go this time, at least now I know that I won't be taking 30-40 hour weeks anymore and focus more on studying than working. I refuse to go over 15 hours unless it's an emergency. But I really need to get as much of my dissertation done as possible this week.

I tried to start working with the dissertation but my brain just isn't working at the time. I found extremely helpful article and I was just staring at it blankly with no idea what it said. So maybe I'll wait another day before serious working and just relax, go to spinning and later to see some stand up with friends.

How I've felt for the past couple of days (also these ahve been the ultimate sources of entertainment) :

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Stress relief.

You know the feeling when everything is going well and you feel confident about the coming exams and deadlines? Exactly. I never felt it either. Before now. It's freaking me out, that I'm not stressing and that I feel confident, EVEN about my dissertation! I was panicking on it still yesterday but today I had a meeting with my adviser and now I have the final piece that I need for the thesis. And seriously, I just can't stress (yet) about my next Monday's exam because I know that stuff. It certainly helps that for the first time the professor knows me by my name, first time in uni :D

To make me sound even creepier, I've also started exercising, and I'm really enjoying spinning! (Also continuing with swimming) I also found out last week at the doctor that I weight 4 kilos less than I thought

I will continue in my old job in February.

I have no idea what I'll do after graduation but I don't want to worry about it now, since everything is going so well right now. (Besides occasional hormonal breakdowns, sorry honey..)

I've seen couple of good films recently, because I HAVE TIME despite revision. 

And on 18th the new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album is out, of which I got a hint that the preorder has taken place already. Rob is definitely a keeper.
Shortly, I feel awesome right now.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Back in Business.

After returning to Aberdeen I was so happy to get back to normal routines (I NEVER thought I'd say that I miss routines..), before I realised what it actually meant. Dissertation and revision. Oh well, in a month it is over and I'll be heading for a small break to the Netherlands!

Until Friday my life will look like this:

Plus about 100 journal articles. But only until the weekend, when I switch to Latin American Politics. Luckily that shouldn't be too hard. Plan is to get the first draft done by the end of this week. Tomorrow will be long. But who cares, I've determined to ace my dissertation, as it'll also be my ticket to masters programs. So bring it on January:

(Just finished with the second Hungry Games-book yesterday).

But to be fair, I can see this coming:

Monday, 7 January 2013

Let's all make as many mistakes as possible.

I know I'm a week late for this, but I really wanted to post this as it's from my favourite author and let's face it, Neil Gaiman is awesome.

(The following picture means that we all have our little blonde-moments, or at least I do...)

But anyway, let's all go make new mistakes and hopefully discover new adventures while we're at it!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Christmas and New Years.

So I survived visiting Rob's parents for the first time (who would have known that they're people as well?!) and ended up having great time. I had a proper holiday for the first time this semester, as for about 5 days I had no idea what weekday it was, and it was WONDERFUL. No stressing of studying or working, just being and enjoying the moment. We had a multiday Scrabble tournament, which *obviously* I won 4-2. I also kicked ass in Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly, I just wish there was board game Olympics. In Rob's defence I must say that he kicked my ass in Formula1 and CoD in Xbox360.

Though I have to say that I never got the Christmas feeling, because it just isn't Christmas without snow and with +10'C. And the British Christmas dinner isn't quite as good as Finnish... Nothing can beat Karelian stew and pastries.

Rob wanted to take evidence that I've been to kitchen. I don't know what he's hinting with that...
This present was no biggie since Led Zeppelin is only the greatest band of all time.

I love realising how well people know me, I wouldn't have wanted anything else! Especially the Piitles-book, I didn't even know it existed and still my parents knew how much I would enjoy it! Also, sorry for my fellow passengers for laughing out loud while reading it...
Besides sleeping and playing and eating , we went to Warwick Castle one day and it was so beautiful! There's not much to say so here's some pictures:

Tolstoy wanted to sing Christmas carols.

Apparently I'm a vampire.

Rules for Rob.

For New Years, we headed to London to see Rob's friend. We we're somewhere in North London when we got the brilliant idea with Rob to go down to the river to see the fireworks. Well, apparently a lot of people thought that as well at 11pm. We stopped at Charing Cross-station and as all streets to Thames were closed, we had to walk further to see if we would make it to the riverbank. That didn't quite happen, and as everyone knowing something about London can imagine, St. Paul's cathedral is not exactly next to Big Ben. Anyway, the cathedral was beautiful enough to change the year, so we stayed there despite not seeing the fireworks.

If we thought that getting there was hard, we had no idea what would be ahead of us trying to go back to Highgate. To cut long story short, we got back at 4am.

However, the next day was absolutely beautiful in London.  I don't have too many pictures as we went through mostly same places as last time I was there in November.

Canary Wharf.

Some culture/history as well.

 So overall, I had great time, but it's good to be back to Aberdeen and time to realise all those resolutions. I'm going to spinning for the first time ever today and I'm terrified! I hope I won't die.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

In 2013...

I will continue my mission of learning to walk on heels.

I will be healthier.

I will take better care of myself. As my mom said, no more dark circles under my eyes and letting work get to me as much as it has during the past months.

I will learn Spanish.

I will continue doing things that make me happy, and stop stressing about money.

I will go to Caribbean and/or South America.

I'm going to pursue for first class degree, I know it's still doable, but requires A LOT of work.

I will kick my dissertation's sweet ass.

I will find a job/something to do during my gap year.

Does anyone have any good new year's resolutions that I could steal?