You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Saturday, 22 December 2012

The best and the worst apocalypse ever.

Yesterday was a horrible apocalypse but a great day. After work I was absolutely knackered, but as I had invited Anneli and Ruarudh over I tried to stay awake when I got home before 10pm. The plan was "to have just a few drinks" as I was working today, but as usually in this group, the fews quickly multiplied. We ended up watching Magic Mike, numerous youtube videos and just chatting until at 4:30 I throw the guys out realising that I really should sleep before work. But I can't describe how disappointed I was of Magic Mike, I had anticipated it so much! I don't think it actually had a plot, the dialogue was the worst ever, I don't even find the main actors attractive and the only female character was the most annoying woman ever with 0 facial expression. I guess the producers thought that shirtless men every 15 mins is enough keep peoples attention. At least my time didn't go to waste, as we could just have our own banter while movie was on the background.

Mandatory Tolstoy picture. Ready to go to work, wearing my sexy sales assistant outfit, grr.
Today work was just insane, as during most of the month... Especially when you wake up in the morning still drunk, and the hungover kicks in when you get to work, you know it won't be the most pleasant experience. Oh well, I just thought the whole day that I'm having tonight all for myself... And tomorrow is my last shift anyway!

Tonight I've just enjoyed myself. I haven't had a proper time for myself almost whole semester, so having an hour long bubble bath, making a pot of tea, eating ice cream in my bed wearing granny underwear after cleaning last nights mess (who knew three people can create such a mess?!) and listening to Fleetwood Mac feels like the best night ever. And I can go to sleep soon! What an awesome and wild life I live!

Also, I realised yesterday (payday, woohoo!) that after I paid my rent, there was still money left from my salary! I got myself a little Christmas present then, Kindle. It's going to be so useful for me, as I'm literally a book hoarder. I have probably close to 40 books in my flat (though I've probably read 5 of them) and even more at home in Finland. So to not make my Kindle feel bad next to my shelves, I have downloaded already 57 books on it... Basically all books you can get there for free, classics mainly in philosophy and politics. Yay!

Also, I have all my Christmas shopping done! Woohoo! (Seriously, where is all this positive attitude and energy coming from? Someone come and take it away, it's not normal for me!)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Monday, 17 December 2012

"You Finns are crazy!"

Somehow every time I meet someone who has met a Finn before first thing they say is "Oh yeah, I knew one girl/guy from Finland. She/he was crazy!". And I know that I might have not decreased this opinion in some people, and will probably be one of these crazy former acquaintances for some. I've tried to think what makes us Finns so crazy, and contrasting us to the British (and especially English) culture, we're definitely less subtle. A lot of my friends and family have been asking what are the cultural differences in our relationship, as one could imagine, a lot of things do get lost in the translation in team Noorbert...

- The thing that I hate in British mentality is the overly polite passive-aggressiveness. Everything has to be put in the most polite manner and the more pleases, would you mind, and sorry to bothers there are, the more you know that they actually would just like to give you the finger and tell you off. As a Finn I'm used to straight talk, meaning that if something bothers, say it. Everything would be so much easier and faster if you could cut the crap and just say what you want. Only in UK being straight would be seen rude.

- Also, in Finland I'm used to more straight honesty. Here it took me a while to understand who is genuinely interested in you as person and who couldn't care less, but just has that kind of outgoing personality. Though it was even worse in the States. Maybe it's just my hermit nature, if anyone is speaking to me I just go "OMG, someone is finally talking to me!". In Finland I always knew from the beginning if the chemistry just didn't work with someone.

- Rob doesn't understand morning grumpiness. He can be energetic like Tigger, bouncing everywhere at 9 o'clock (which basically is still in the middle of the night!), and doesn't understand my lack of enthusiasm and attempt to punch him in the face.

- Royal Family. I just don't see the big deal. I understand it, but I don't see the big deal. For example, last night was the Sport Personality of 2012 Awards (which I didn't understand either), and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge was there to give out the main award. However, at no point did she actually say anything out loud, which was so odd to me. If she's wanted there just to stand and look pretty, I'd be quite offended personally.

- In Britain it's okay to have frequently fish&chips as meal, and everything is served with chips anyway, as in Finland chips are just junk food you have rarely. 

- What Rob doesn't understand is my social awkwardness, which doesn't show that much in Finland, as everyone is as awkward :D (and sometimes it's just too much asked to be social) And the fact that (apparently) I freak out by everything, but that's only because everyone IS judging me.

- Nudity. (Sorry if this is too much information for some..) I'm used to being naked and sleeping naked, and obviously going to sauna naked. Rob is still trying to get used to all this...

- Finns eating reindeers, and having so much space everywhere. Also the proximity to nature, as most British people seem to be quite alienated from the nature. And that we have Poronkusema as a measure of distance.

- The horrible English our Formula 1 drivers speak

- The whole nationalism thing here, I can't understand why UK is so great, because CLEARLY it's still a developing country, at least compared to Finland :P (yes, we get into argument over this on weekly basis)

- Also that I hate showing too much affection in facebook, but on the other hand I have no problems with PDA.

Our pile.

I can't think of anything else right now, but I will write a sequel in January, as I found out couple of days ago that I'll be going to Coventry for Christmas! I'm absolutely terrified and excited, I need to learn how to behave before going there either on 23rd of 24th and finally MEETING THE PARENTS.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Where did the time go? I swear it was just September and the whole autumn was just beginning. Now I've finished with this term, waiting for Christmas and then New Years, both being extremely close.

As usual, I've been working and then trying to study at some points. Also gotten stupidly drunk at some points. I'm starting to realise every day a bit more how weird this Christmas will be, as I won't be with my family, and I'll be working. This is my first Christmas alone, and though I've never been a huge Christmas person, it does feel very weird to think. Luckily I have some friends staying here as well so there will be some kind of get-together thingy. But I will definitely miss my family. I think the worst part will be the fact that right now I don't have idea when I'll be going home next time. And that is quite scary thought. I don't feel that homesick yet, but it still makes me feel slightly uneasy.

Other thing worrying me is going down to Coventry after Christmas, where there will be meeting THE parents... I'm seriously freaking out. The last time I was in this situation was about 6 years ago, so I have no idea how to be and what to do. Especially because I know that I need to be a lot more formal than usually, and everyone knows that I'm NOT a formal person. Maybe I'll just cry in the corner with my eyes shut hoping that if I can't see anyone they can't see me either.

Unsurprisingly, work has been slightly overwhelming, and I'm actually starting to think if I want to work on January at all, as I really need to focus on my dissertation. And with my current work schedule working doesn't happen. Though after Christmas it should be easier. And I need money, because I'm going to AMSTERDAM and HAGUE on February! Our Politics&IR Society is organising a trip to the Human Rights Court and I couldn't be more excited! And I definitely don't mind stopping at Amsterdam for two days either, I've heard so much good things about the city, and it's about time for me to go there, as I know the Schipol Airport by heart now, but I've never stepped outside.

Also, I saw a Land Rover that looked like a Stormtrooper helmet. It made my day.

 I feel so old for listening to music like this, but I just really like this song.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

What makes me happy...

As promised after last weeks whining, here's some things that have made me really happy during the last week:

- Tolstoy

- Getting over 3000 words to my dissertation, almost one chapter!

- Rob, and making him very happy on his birthday, and how he is always cheering me up when I'm feeling moody or down <3 br="br">

- SNOW! It was snowing last night and it was so beautiful! Even today it was still on the ground and I just felt wonderful walking to town. Though it also makes me a bit homesick..

- Being successful at work

- Getting good feedback from my professor, also getting a good grade from my essay

- QI

- Getting grip of my moods

- Being invited to the work place's Christmas party, though the rest of the evening wasn't so successful...

- Sorting out disputes with my flatmate

- Getting more heating in the flat

- Knowing that the term is almost over

- Being able to pay the rent with my salary

-Being able to study and spend time in the library

And to the end, the mandatory picture of Tolstoy: