You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Thursday, 30 August 2012


Okay, I have to say that Bali was eventually quite great, especially after we got out of Kuta. I'm too tired to write what we ended up doing there, so here's some pictures to sum up the two weeks in Bali:

Yup, that's pretty much it... Now back in Bekasi, hopefully to Borobudur this weekend and in a week I'll be back to Soekarno-Hatta airport and start my way back to Finland!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

"I don't know what Nudie means" "That's fine, I can show you."


I must admit, this holiday hasn't been what I was expecting so far. The reason for it is that we've spend all of our time in Kuta and I'm not fan of this place. It's exactly what you'll find in any tourist place filled with young people. There's the beach, shopping places and night clubs. And that's it.I know that Kuta is not BALI and I would probably love the rest of the island, but we havent had the opportunity so far.

So I had to make the most of it, and take the scuba diving course! I've dreamt of getting scuba diving certificate for years, but I never had the money or place where to do it. Finally, I decided to reward myself and got three days Open Water Course, and so far loving it! Scuba diving is exactly what I thought it would be, only cooler! It's so wonderful to hang out with the fish, so far I've seen a baby shark, a baby barracuda, Nemo (no clown fish, Nemo), and those things that look like swimming napkins and if they sting you, you'll die. But it was so cool! Tomorrow we'll go to some shipwreck for a dive and then I get my qualification with which I can scuba dive anywhere in the world. YAY!

Besides, Kuta hasn't been all that bad. We've met great people and had very good time :)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Don't worry I'll be fine, the story is just beginning.

No new adventures during last weekend, I went shopping to Jakarta, suffered from a heat stroke, realised that Jakarta really don't like me, so I don't need to like it either. I should have learnt after the sun stroke during first time there. But I got two pairs of sun glasses, which I will be needing starting from tomorrow...

On Sunday I got two pairs of shoes (?!), which surprised me the most as I wasn't looking for buying new shoes, and I got two pairs of sneakers, spend about 5 mins in the store overall and that was it! I almost feel like a woman now. Also, I went to the local mall to get some underwear, and one might find it awkward when the whole store knows your cup size (especially because they didn't have my size..) and your panties size (I'm pretty sure the whole Bekasi might know by now). At least we got a private shopping assistant (about 50 years old man, the only one in the store who spoke English apparently)... Later in the evening we went to the Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta for dinner, where I got to notice that my stomach, which is used to having about 2dl of rice and a tiny piece of chicken leg twice a day and nothing else did not appreciate the huge burger I had. I took it as a final warning from Jakarta, from now on I'll be only going there for the airport.

Anyway, tomorrow by this time I'll be in BALI with a cold drink in my hand, watching the sea and the stars from the furthest that I've ever been from home.

BALIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!! No, I'm not excited at all.

PS. Why do these people love whipped cream on smoothies? 

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cimaja beach

Last weekend we headed to the southwest part of Java, to Cimaja beach byt the Indian Ocean, close to Sukabumi. Our mission was to learn how to surf, so we can be pros next week when we go to Bali (yes, we actually have the tickets now. Anyone know any good accommodation close to Kuta?). I don't really know if the place we went to is really popular (because there were so many hotels) or not, because there were absolutely no one on the beaches. We had a Katka's friend teaching us the basics and getting us started, and I can say that surfing is addicting. Unfortunately you realise this about 10 mins before you also realise that it's a proper work out, and your muscles are too tired to keep you going. I can see why surfers tend to have huge upper body from "just" standing on a board.

In one of my first posts (in Finnish) I told that I went to try surfing in Scotland in February (yes, I'm that hardcore). However, it was one time and over 2 years ago, so it wasn't much help. I surprised myself of how easily I has able to stand on the board (not in a professonal way though, I was happy enough to just keep my balance for several seconds), and even made it to beach couple of times! I always thought that I had a horrible balance, but apparently it finally pays off to have massive hips ;) Especially now that I seem to be losing mass from everywhere else. Whenever I'm trying a new thing, I need to go to the max with it, which in surfing resulted in completely skinless knees and huge bruises on my legs and scratched stomach. Did you know that an open, scratched skin and salty Indian Ocean are not the best combination? Who would have thought! Anyway, I decided to ignore it since I was having too much fun. But the shower afterwards was not fun. I had to bite my lip not to scream from pain.
Totally like a pro.

Later on Saturday we went for a swim in some remote pool which water came from a hot spring and it was so relaxing... I was trying to teach one of our "guardians" (IEC always sends couple of people with us to our weekends to look after us) to swim, and almost got him to float! I was so proud of my non-existent teacher skills. After the pool me and Katka performed the classic teenager manouver; "Oh, I'm so tired, gottagotothebednowbye" and sneaked to the hotel bar for couple of beers (muslims don't really appreciate alcohol so it is quite awkward to drink in front of them). Couple of French surfers joined us and soon we heard a bass blasting somewhere near. Before locating it, the hotel owner came to us to invite us to his private party, and since we didn't have anything better to do, we joined them. It wasn't any massive party, owner's friends and family, escorts (why wouldn't you have them in a party?!), beer and karaoke. We had a good time as long as it lasted, and after the party there was some totally unnecessary pushing and pulling to the hotel pool (oh god, THAT and the shower after that hurt on my completely raw legs and stomach). Later that morning it was wonderful to see the real colour of the water, I'm just surprised that I didn't melt or die of what seems to be radioactive waste causing that colour.

On Sunday we went back for a quick surfing session but I decided that I don't want to lose all my skin and just had a morning swim in the Indian Ocean (I can't say this enough, I was on ecstacy for knowing that I was swimming in the INDIAN OCEAN) instead of surfing. On our way back to Bekasi, we had a "small" route change and drove through Bandung to leave our teachers there and visit their shop, as the guy who was my teacher designs and sells clothes to surfers. He promised to make shirts for me and Katka, when we'll see him again in Bali.

Woken up from my nap.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


If there's one thing that makes me the most frustrated, it is inefficiency. I don't lose my temper easily, but when it comes to making a simple task, and still after 5 days it is not done, I get pissed off. Me and Katka are planning on going to Bali next week and we were booking the tickets, but the website didn't accept our payment cards, so I asked someone from my office to take me to a agency, where I can buy them in cash. After an hour from that, I was told that both of our branch managers had been called and they are trying to book the tickets. Okay, sounds good so far. Except that it was Friday and we still don't have those damn tickets. On Saturday I called my boss to ask about the tickets and he says "so what's wrong with the tickets?" "well, we don't have them..", okay, he'll look into it. On Monday, he came to the office and was booking the tickets, when I hear that another branch manager has done it already. Okay, so we stop booking them from our office. Apparently he hadn't done it, and WE STILL DON'T HAVE THOSE TICKETS. Seriously, how hard can it be to book two tickets?! I was pissed off the whole yesterday, and the guys I work with noticed it (I really can't hide my emotions and I know that when I'm pissed off, I look extremely intimidating) and stayed away, asking every now and then if I needed water :D In addition, there has been some hassle with my visa extension, and finally someone did something for it, as my visa expires tomorrow, so no hurry... I hate generalisations, but seriously, Indonesians are the most inefficient people I've ever met. Also the most friendly, but over the top inefficient...

The worst part of me is that information doesn't move from anyone to anywhere. On Monday, I had spent my night at Katka's and came back to Harapan Indah before 1 o'clock, since I'm not supposed to start before 2. About 15 mins after I arrived my coworkers were behind my door "come on, we need to go!", again, I had no idea what I was supposed to do and where. Is it really that hard to tell me the previous week what my schedule is next week? And even if it changes, you can always call. I'd really much appreciate if I was told where and when I need to be, and I'll be there. Same with the tickets. No one knows who is doing what and they can't be bothered to check. I'm not the most efficient person, but things like this I will get done without spending 5 days with it.

Luckily today was a lot better, I went to a formal school where students were actually paying attention and active. I also got paid from the school 300.000 Rp (about 25€, a weeks salary for teachers in IEC) from those couple of hours there, besides my regular salary from IEC. I also promised to give private lessons to my landlords daughter, and I have absolutely no idea what I'm supposed to do... Oh well, I'll help her with her homework if nothing else.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Living like a rockstar.

I've mentioned of how much attention one can get with a pale skin in here, but before last week I thought it was pretty much like anywhere outside the major pale skin population. When I was visiting that Christian school, I really felt like a rockstar. I knew there would be staring and laughing, but then in the middle of one class one girl starts to scream “you're so beautiful!” “I love you!”. It was such a bizarre moment! After the class the girls circled around me, wanting me to give them autographs (?!), which I really didn't understand, but I guess its not my problem if some Finnish nobody is the biggest star here.. If only I had one of those huge pilot sunglass pairs, to hide behind them and pretend to be a huge deal. And of course there were some pictures taken, but I'm getting used to that already, I have had my photo taken even in IEC for so many times already. Also, I know that when people here are laughing at me, it's not mean laugh, but as Finn you're used to people ignoring you as far as possible, and everytime I hear “BULE! Hahaahahahaha!” I instantly get the feeling that there's something on my face, my zipper is open or something other embarrassing. Because if you laugh at someone you don't know in Finland, get ready to have your nose redesigned...

I was trying to do some shopping here at a mall, and as I already don't like shopping, I had to admit that being stared at all the times didn't really help with the issue. I hate going to shops and having someone following me when I'm browsing and knowing that the whole store were only focusing on me really annoyed me. But at least I got one thing I was going after, sandals (my ballerinas started to get a bit gross here, my feet need more ventilation here... And being the crazy scarf lady, I found a wonderful scarf (and a long-sleeve t-shirt with a hood, which I've been looking for ages!) from Lee Cooper, where I went in order to find jeans... But I hate shoe shopping and jeans shopping the most, so I didn't expect to succeed on both at the same time on my own. I'll need a lot of mental support for buying jeans, as it's the surest way to feel fat and lose all self esteem. I went one shop and found nice discount denim-skirts before I noticed that in the best case I'd be able to wrap it around one of my thighs. Btw, I'm starting to love Indonesian diet, my thighs have shrunk and my boobs have grown! It's like the ultimate woman's dream, I don't remember when I had a gap between my thighs last time.

Also, having a three weeks long detox really affects on your alcohol resistance, as on the “hate the men” night I had three Smirnoff Ice's I was already feeling tipsy and already after the first one I could feel it going straight to my legs (I know how embarrassing drink it is, but it was the only think besides beer. I remembered though why I haven't had them since I was 16).

Oh well, it's going to be cheap to party at Bali now! Finally got tickets there for 18.-26. of August!! All tips for Bali are more than welcome :)

P.S. How blind have I been? There's a Chinese restaurant right in front of my accommodation, and somehow I've always ignored it when I've been looking for food. I finally managed to go there, and it was probably one of the best meals I've had here so far! And the staff was so nice, I was served by a girl about my age with perfect English, I know where I'll be getting most of my meals from now on...

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I lost my heart in Puncak..

Guess where this is taken from?
Last week I got some change in to my schedule, on Wednesday and Thursday I went to a formal catholic school to visit the English lessons. I also managed to catch a cold, which is why I didn't do much exciting things. On Saturday I went to the mall with Katka for the whole day to use the internet and in the evening I quickly saw the Dutch guys to say goodbye. 

But Sunday, oh Sunday.... We went to Puncak, Taman Safari to see many different animals, but the best thing was TWO MONTHS OLD BABY LEOPARD! I lost my heart to that little fur ball immediately and the best thing was that I was able to hold it in my arms! Getting your picture taken with the baby required a ticket, but after our lunch the leopard's care taker brought the little baby back to us for more pictures and cuddling. I still can't believe how cute the little guy was, I feel heart broken when I think about him... As probably everyone knows how zoos and safaris work, above there's some pictures instead of writing more about it. 

So much love <3 br="br">

After Safari we went to a mountain and I did something I never thought I'd be doing... I went paragliding! I have a major fear of heights, but I decided that I it's about time for me to get rid of it. The whole experience was amazing, and after the first lift up in the air you forget about all of your fears and just enjoy the ride. It only costed 300 000 Rp. which is about 20€. And I felt perfectly safe with the equipment and my partner (of course I went as tandem, there's no way I could have done it by myself). It was incredible to fly in the air with nothing underneath and just enjoy the beautiful view. I've done paraseiling in Mexico, and I thought that was cool, but now I know it was nothing compared to this. I guess the next step will be sky diving ;) 
My point of view.

There I go.

Also, I got a free donut yesterday in a cafe!

Tonight's theme is “screw all men” (but luckily not my man), so girl's night in with beer and Sex and the City it is!