You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Home sweet home.

I've been home for a week now and I absolutely love it! There's nothing like the Finnish summer. I've just been seeing my friends (Jee, Milla, Eero, Antti ja Sami! ^^), and then there was the midsummer of course. Such a great weekend filled with food and sauna, mosquitos and good company.

I've had to change my mind on Finnish public health care, as when I was calling for a doctors appointment last week I got it for this week, and on Monday I called for a dentist appointment, and I got it for yesterday already! So yesterday morning I went and got two wisdom teeth removed, with the quickest and least painful tooth removal ever! I can't believe how easy it was and that day after there's only very minor pain left and at no point was my cheek swollen. I got very high fever last night but by morning that was gone as well. I'm still amazed that removing wisdom teeth was the best experience at the dentist I've ever had... Though it hurt a lot yesterday afterwards, I got such a strong painkillers that I was basically high the whole evening.

Sisse, the official pet of the Midsummer


I've felt very good about the way I dress as I've started to use more colours and be more experimental (luckily not in the sense that I was as a teenager..), my image of all this was ruined when I was unpacking my clothes last week after getting home and my mom said "do you wear anything else than black these days?!". Indeed, I have maybe 5 pieces of clothing with me that are not black :D Oh well, as the saying goes "it doesn't matter which colour it is, as long as it's black".
Next week is going to be busy, but in the best way possible, as I'm having Rob over. Tomorrow's mission is to go get my man from Helsinki and bring him to my hoods on Friday.

Friday, 22 June 2012


A great midsummer for everyone! I'm off to a cabin in the middle of nowhere with no electricity or running water and with the best company. Couldn't be happier!

Friday, 15 June 2012

I knew all the rules but the rules did not know me.

I'll promise to become more active when I'm in Indonesia, maybe even try some proper "travel blog"-thing.

Anyway. As I could have promised, the OTC Ball did not go as well as possible. It was a beautiful event and so classy (I knew that this would be when I go wrong). I was extremely nervous in the beginning because I don't think that I've ever been in such a formal event. Ah, the whole etiquette was just new for me, and I thought that I knew basic etiquette. But for example, I wasn't allowed to pour any drinks to myself (?!), and someone had to pull my chair before I was able to sit down etc. Especially because I was the only woman in our table, I got quite special treatment already. When ceilidh started, I got a great chance to make a complete fool of myself, as I had no idea how to dance any of the dances. I danced couple of songs with Rob's friends, and I could see their mental faceplams when I'm trying to keep up :D

After couple of songs I was completely sweaty, and needed a break outside. That's when the probably most embarrassing falling down happened. I have no idea what happened, but almost from straight legs, I realised that I was falling down in the most retarded way possible, completely aware that it was happening slowly but so that there was nothing to do. My knees hardly touched the pavement, and this is what happened STILL:

I still feel like such an idiot. It was such a retarded falling down.

After the formal part, we went back to OTC and had some extremely cheap drinks and random chats. I realised at some point that I was discussing with some random person about Finland-Russia relations in detail, as well as Latin American politics. It would have been such a great night if it wasn't for my most graceful humiliation. At least now Rob knows that I can't deal with lady-like -pressure, which I told him earlier.
This picture was taken around 3:30 am. I can't believe how sober I look, because that clearly was not the case at this point anymore.
On Monday we went to see the Olympic torch going through Aberdeen, but since we were all foreign students we didn't get too much kicks out of it, as it was mainly Coca-Colas advertisement instead of something to do with sports. Then one thing led to another we we ended up to my place with bunch of people watching Hot Shots!-marathon followed by Life of Brian. Then the Internet was our endless supply for entertainment and the last people left at 6:30 am... But what a great night it was! I also got a flat for next year!

On Tuesday we went to see Prometheus with Ragnhild, and it was so good! I was definitely entertained, which I never doubted. On Wednesday there was a couple of peoples last night in Aberdeen, so went for a picnic by the river of Don. On our way home we ended up sitting in the middle of campus, Malene playing guitar and the rest of us sitting and drinking Isle of Jura scotch. Such a good night.

I should probably start packing, as there's not too many days left before I'm supposed to be out of this flat. and back in Finland. I can't wait for midsummer!

Friday, 8 June 2012

"When the storm is over and the sun is out there are rainbows in your eyes"

I have almost recovered from the exams, started eating and sleeping again. I just realised during the exams what stress actually does to me. The main symptom of stress seems to be that I just stop eating. I noticed this last year as well, when my grandpa passed away and I just stopped eating for a month. This time, after the last exam I noticed that I had had only three warm meals in over a week. I spent my days and nights in the library past midnight with maybe two apples and a chocolate bar, and that was it. And everyone that knows me, knows that if there's something that I love, it's eating. I never skip a meal voluntarily, but when stressed, I just don't get even hungry. In addition, I didn't sleep over 6,5 hours per night in about 10 days, one can imagine what a mess I was by the end of the exams. When I got to Rob's after my last exam I just completely crash, both emotionally and physically and couldn't stop crying before I fell asleep while he was making me lunch. I can't remember when I've been so completely burnt out, probably never before.

Luckily I've now regained my ability to smile
But on the positive side, I think that I lost about 2 kilos :D Not that it was my intention, but I'm not complaining that I can fit now perfectly in my amazing bright red trousers! And another trousers that I got from ebay, and I was sure that I wouldn't fit in 28" waist.

There's been a lot of going out and seeing friends going on, with the addition of Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and my time in the Grill is starting to come to its end (I think that next week will be my last shifts). Also booked my flights finally to Indonesia, now I just need to hear from Rob when he's coming to Finland and I can start planning that as well.

Currently I'm just heartbroken because our opposite neighbours have a bird trapped inside and they don't seem to be home. The bird looks so sad, staring at me from the window...

Friday, 1 June 2012

Burn out.

There's nothing more wonderful than when after exam period your body starts to collapse due to a week long sleep deprivation and you're told to have a nap and after you wake up there's food ready waiting for you <3

I'll be back after I gather myself from this mental and physical collapse in couple of days.