You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Monday, 30 April 2012


It's been the lamest vappu probably ever, but it's fine because there's too much uni work to do and partying doesn't really fit the picture. But as most of you probably know, I love celebrating vappu (though not as much as I love Juhannus/Midsummer), but I've made my peace with keeping it quiet this year. I just went for two pints after lectures with Liisi and Ross, ending up in the following conversation:

Liisi: "Ross, why can't I take advantage of anyone, like Noora? I'd like to have that kind opportunities too."
Ross: "Because you're not EVIL."

In my defence, if someone WANTS to cook me food, who am I to say no to that? Especially if I can eat it in a good company. Though I'm starting to wonder what kind of impression I've been giving out, as at work when some drunk was asking for my phone number again, my coworker said "Try starting with 666.." :D


Sunday, 29 April 2012

Ain't too proud to bow.

I started to think the dialogue from my last post and realised that it works like that on both ways. It's not like we've tried to stop each other from mistakes, but rather encourage for them. Which has resulted on some interesting events.

This week has been very busy, though I decided that I'm not going to worry about my school work. I've been mainly running around for work and seeing people. I would have gotten even an extra shift, but I'm surprised that I managed to decline it.

I was trying to be a good housewife on Friday and decided to bake some cinnamon rolls, giving some kind of yeast poisoning to me and my roommate :D After two rolls my stomach just started expanding steadily for the next 3 hours, feeling like there was an angry yeastbaby in my stomach trying to get out through my bellybutton... I got quite interesting looks at work looking like I was pregnant, especially because I ended up flashing to some people :D Note to myself, push-up and a wide neckline is not the best combination when you have to bend over a lot... Oh we, I'm sure it was nothing they hadn't seen before. (After this I realised that I don't really get ashamed anymore. I've done some pretty embarrassing stuff during this year, but they just make me laugh instead of feeling bad. Unless I've blacked out, I always feel mortified after that, but not on any other occasion)

Yesterday I went to Torcher Parade, an annual charity parade organised by AUSA (Aberdeen University Student Association). I was with Amnesty society and our truck was themed as Titanic and though our decorations were very minimalistic, we did get a lot of attention. Though it was freezing cold, and we had to stand there for about 2,5 hours to get through the route. I was slightly disappointed when we passed my workplace and two regulars recognised me before my coworkers... After the parade we went to a bar to defrost ourselves with Liisi and had couple of drinks before I got company to walk me home.

Now I'll probably watch some movies and later go to Liisi's to consolidate her of ageing with some red wine and chocolate.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The moment when you know that people are there for you...

"I need you to come,what if I drink too much start drunk texting to him?"

"I wouldn't stop you even if I was there."

Thanks a lot, mate.

Monday, 23 April 2012

"Man, you were hot until you opened your mouth"

I can't remember when I've been this social in a LOOOOONG time. But it's been amazing! I'm just now realising how amazing friends I actually have as even my hermit-personality just enjoys being around these people. After finishing my essay (of which I owe my life to Ale, Rob and Ragnhild..), I've just enjoyed good company.

On Saturday I was so tired I had decided to stay in, but oh well, one thing lead to another and soon it was over 2 am when I was heading back home. Also, Mario cart is a stupid stupid game. But I managed to resist the temptation of tequila! Though people were persistent, I managed to say no, I'm so proud of myself. This will make up all the stupid things I might do for the rest of the year. I had promised to do Sunday's cleaning up shift at work and got praised by my supervisor for actually doing something. It was not much but apparently not many people do anything.. After work we had a hangover gathering in our flat and we watched Madagaskar (my ultimate hangover movie) and found some interesting picks from youtube.

I don't really know what to write, as I only have some very bad inside jokes to tell. Here's couple of clips that have been cracking me up:

As you can see, our humor isn't that sophisticated...

Also, I just gave my roommate Good omens to read and I love hearing her laughing out loud in her room :D

Miusta myös tuntuu että taijjan olla tällä hetkellä tiedekunnan juorujen kohde, siitä onkin jo aikaa kun ihmiset jotka hädin tuskin tuntee miut on ollu kiinnostuneita miun tekemisistä. Mutta eikös se niin oo että vielä pahempaa kun ihmisten puhumisen kohteena oleminen on se että ei oo niiden puhumisen kohteena ;)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Kumpa voisin tatuoida taivaan iholleni.

 Again, it's time to postpone writing an essay by blogging. There's only so much time one can spend on building a fort. I'm halfway there already, so I deserve a break. The bad thing about fort is that I don't want to work anymore, I just want to hang out in my little corner and drink even more tea (three pots down by now).

Does anyone have ideas on how to improve this?
Yesterday I got even better invitation for procrastination, sushi! We went to this great little place with "Johnny and the girls", got our tummies full and I was a happy cat again.

I'm starting to feel that the thing I was talking about earlier might not happen, so I've made some backup plans. The only question is right now, Mexico or Tanzania? I just know that no matter what happens, I can't spend my summer in Aberdeen and I can't afford going somewhere just for a holiday. Anyone want to sponsor me for a month long trip to far far away? Or it wouldn't have to be even that far, I could go to Norway as well, I haven't been there in three years! I'm starting to have withdrawal symptoms..

Also, I feel like getting new piercing, but I have no idea where to take one. I'm open for suggestions.

Now back to Egypt's revolution.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sleep Paralysis.

I don't remember the last time when hearing new music has mobilised me that fast to find where it comes from and how I can get more of it. Within 15 minutes from hearing this song I had the singer's former band's EP ordered and I've been searching all over the internet to get the hard copy of this song. Unfortunately the only thing I found was a ''7 single, and since my record player is in Finland, it would be useless to order that.

I've been listening to this song for at least 15 times already and it still mesmerises me and I just sit still staring at the darkness from my window.

He'd better release an album and soon.

Friday, 13 April 2012

"I've said it so many times. I would change my ways, no never mind. God knows I tried!"

I've had a long battle in my head this week about what is sensible, and what I want to do. I know that I if I did what is sensible, I would benefit from it more during next autumn and it would be probably better for me anyway. Then I thought about that corny saying of regretting things you didn't do instead of things you did. And I realised that I will be much happier and "true to myself" (oh god, I hate these sayings but it just seems to fit here) if I do what I want to do, though financially it is going to be a disaster, but you can't put a price on experiences and courage to do things. Also, I might risk my job in the bar, which is the main reason why I've been struggling with the decision. But I'm sure I can get a job from somewhere else for next year if that happens.

And I've been sensible for too long anyway, it's about time for me to do something just because I want to. Also, I know that if I spend my summer in Aberdeen, I'll end up killing myself. My wanderlust is so strong right now, that I feel like just getting to airport and getting the next flight to far far away.

I can't say too much yet, but it would involve me going to somewhere new for about a month. If it finalises, I'm sure that everyone I know will hear about it.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

"I'm a lucky man to count on both hands the ones I love."

The last three days have been filled with an amazing company and good food, as yesterday went with the same company as Saturday, and on Sunday during the dinner with Ale, Aapo and Anneli I ate so much I couldn't finish my dessert. Can you imagine? Me not finishing dessert? It was unheard of! We went to see Hunger Games after that and I felt like I was ready to give birth to a weird food baby. I don't really know what to think about the movie, as I haven't read the books and the beginning was really good but the rest of it was not that special. I loved the portrait of the society, and I wish there had been more things about that.

Ale's "guess which flag"-game.

Industrial spring.
Too much nice things and good company around it is easy to forget that I actually have an essay due next week and I still haven't even started.. At least I got my room cleaned today! And though it actually means that I just put everything from the floor to my bed, but it still counts!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Sunday.

After coming back on Tuesday I've been living my own little hermit life that has been interrupted only by going to work. It was actually really nice to be just by myself for a day or two, but then I started to get a bit too claustrophobic. After three days of working I was finally ready to face other people outside the bar, so I got Anneli, Chris and Ruaridh to come over for some drinks. I was so tired after work that I almost cancelled, but I also thought that the night wouldn't be too long anyway. After the most dangerous punch, a lot of laughter, music that's better than sex, very questionable Victorian short stories, Black Books-references and some more drinks it was suddenly 6 am when I got to go to sleep. But I do blame Chris for traumatising me with Steel Panther's Asian Hooker -song. I can't get myself to even link the song here, it's just something indescribable.

I had to take a teenager face pose -picture when I noticed that I got an amazing souvenir from Paris, freckles!There's not too many of them, but even the few make me very happy.

I can't be bothered to write too much as I'm going to have a quite Easter with some movies, A LOT OF CHOCOLATE, and maybe later dinner with the guys. To make up the lack of ramble, here's couple of more pictures from Paris:

I managed to flash to couple of tourist buses in front of Louvre in this dress :D It was the basic Marilyn Monroe-manoeuvre, I walked on a vent and suddenly my hem was up to my ears.. I hope I gave the people something to remember :P

Happy cat -faces!

A bit better picture of the band, some example of the French men as mentioned in earlier post...

Back in London having a properly sized cup of tea.
Happy Easter to everyone celebrating it, and even better Sunday to everyone who doesn't!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

You've got mail!

I got the best wake up today, when the postman brought me a package from my parents! I usually don't enjoy being woken up by the mailman, but this time it was definitely worth it. Or what do you think?


For those not from Finland, yes, there's a bag of candy named "Noora the witch's granules" (or something like that). Anyway, SO MUCH FINNISH CHOCOLATE AND SALMIAKKI.

The only downside is that I've been feeling a bit homesick and this is not really helping me. Well, I'll just keep listening to this song on repeat:

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

"Life's too short to eat the crust"

The motto of last week, by Anneli.

Our first French breakfast.
After a shower, food and second pot of tea I almost feel like a human again. Last night was not fun in the bus, but at least I'm back in Aberdeen from Paris.

Paris was amazing, even better than I remembered. It swooped right in front of London and New York on my list of favourite cities. We had such a great time taking it slowly and enjoying the time we had in the city. Our hotel was nothing to recommend, but for the price we paid, we didn't expect anything special either.

I'm learning, starting with the main phrases.

Of course I had to find a French cat!
Here rests Oscar Wilde.
Showing my respect to fabulous mr. Wilde.

"Do we have to move?"

Creepiest aquarium ever.
We didn't have any fixed plans for the week and just went with what felt right. On evenings we focused on wine and dining and staring at the French men. Ooh la la, where to begin with the French men... In the street it just seemed natural, because all big cities have a lot of attractive people running around, but the places we found when we went out... I've probably never seen that beautiful men in my life, all in one place! Anneli had found this small absinthe bar from online, and we basically spent two hours just staring at the men around us. Same thing happened when we went to the Balkan Beats-night, which was everything I thought it would be and more. The band was amazing, the looked extremely good, and the DJ following knew how to get people to move. Too bad our feet were too sore from all the walking to dance the whole night, but we had so much fun anyway.

Pad Brapad.
Also, I finally got to Versailles! I was over the moon for finally getting there especially after spending a month last year talking about the French monarchy in history class.

Welcome to my crib.

I think that Luis XIV is probably my favourite king.
I was so proud of myself when I was able to purchase the train tickets in French and after that success I tried to do most of my communications with locals in French. I can't say that I speak French but it was nice to notice that I was understood, especially because I've hardly used the language after I quit it in high school.

The only culture shocks that I encountered were on how people don't pretend that other people around them don't exist, like we do in Finland. For example, on first day some random guy admired my style, which I had no idea how to respond to, because I'm horrible with compliments. First thing that came to my mind was "What do you want?".The other shock was when last day I was so angry to our hotel that I just had to cry (suomeksi, vitutti niin ettei meinannu veri kiertää enää) and then some guy in metro came and asked if I was okay. It was shocking that someone would actually be concerned of a stranger, because in Finland and in UK people are mainly trying to ignore each other as far as possible on public places.

Paris <3