You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

It's a marvelous night for a Moondance.

I decided that if I start ignoring that cold, it wont exist. I can't really waste anymore time in my bed or in my room, and I hate being ill, because on some subconscious level I think being sick is a sign of weakness. And the thing I hate the most is to show a sign of weakness. Not that I'm very strong person, but I don't want to show any unnecessary weak points either.

That's also why I went to pool, "to punish the cold out of me" (quote from Ale). Oh, how much I love swimming! I don't understand why I keep going to gym, since I don't really enjoy it and it's more something to do to not become completely sloppy with sports.  I already had to give up on krav maga, though it seemed so great. But swimming, ah! I can just mind my own business and go with my own pace and the rest of the world becomes unimportant when I'm in water. Afterwards, I don't feel dead, but tired in a good way.

Then, to more important things, I GET BACK TO THESE SCENERYS IN A MONTH!

Oh, I can't wait, I love Paris so much! Also, if anyone has any great tips for Paris, places to see and where to go, please let me know! Though I've been there twice, I still have seen only the main tourist attractions... And this time I'll get to spend a week in there! it's going to be amazing...

Also, the tune of the day:

PS. Let's be proud of our fantastic folklore all my fellow Finns, on this fine Kalevala day!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Bonus round with the cold.

Because my facebook is already full of people complaining about their cold, I decided to bring my complaining here instead. There's nothing like a returning cold right after you thought it was over. And this time it brought all the phlegm it was lacking two weeks ago, yay! I'm especially thrilled because the girl who might rent out my room next year is coming here with her mother and I'm sure I'm going to make a great impression with my red eyes and running nose. But luckily I'm not the one she'll be living with, so maybe they'll ignore it. And of course this had to happen when I had made a promise of catching up with swimming next week, but I'll probably drown in my mucus before I make it to the pool. I just really wouldn't like to waste another days not being able to anything but lie under duvet and occasional making tea (which is why I refuse to go under my duvet right now, as I know that I couldn't get out from there anymore). At least I still had some of those super-strong drugs that I got a year ago (or as my aunt called them, horse tranquillisers), so I was able to be a human at work yesterday.

Anyway, it's been a good week otherwise, except that karma got me back from last post and me being rude to people by my course grades, of which I'm really disappointed and I really need to move to the library for this semester. I've been thinking quite a lot recently how much drinking alcohol together with someone bonds you with them (for example, after sharing a bottle of vodka with a guy I've never talked with before, he's like a brother to me), I realised that I've never had that "bonding moment" with my roommate, until Thursday, when she got home slightly upset, we sat in the kitchen until 2 am drinking whiskey and talking about our relationships. It was such a good night and I'm really happy that we finally had that kind of "girl-talk" night. I know that it sounds really twisted and sad that after drinking together with someone I feel closer to them, but can anyone deny that?

Also, my facebook wall was flooded with cats, so I had to respond to that.

It's been ridiculously warm in Aberdeen, up to +15'C (which made it warmer than Melbourne or Madrid...), so I've really felt like doing what this sign says.
Also, I finally got my own tab at work! I finally feel like I'm properly working in there instead of just being on a trial period, and as Liam said, "part of the family". I was probably overreacting when I got the tab, especially since the supervisor just said "oh, you don't have your own tab?", then looked for a spare one and quickly wrote my name on it. But it was kind of like when I got name on print in the schedule. Even if I quit now, I'd still had at least some kind of mark there, no matter how easily it can be taken away.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The gentle art of making enemies.

For a long time I was one of those people who think that I need to please every single person I meet. Luckily, within years I've gradually gotten rid of this thing and it has given me so much more energy. However, I noticed that after working in a bar for a while, I've picked a rather rude character. I've noticed that when ever I am talking with someone that I'm not really interested of, I might say even in the middle of their sentence "Excuse me, I need to get back to my friends" and just leave. At work I do this constantly, because I can/have to just go serve another customer. The worst thing is that I don't actually even feel bad for doing this, though I do understand that it's extremely rude. Maybe I should just stop smiling at people so they won't start talking to me and I don't have to be rude to them.

I also realised today that coffee is not really good for me. I had a cup of mocha to stay awake at the  computer lab, and couple of hours later my blood sugar started to freak out again in the same way as if I had not eaten at all during the day. It was horrible to try to walk home while feeling hypoglycemic, the street didn't feel wide enough at some points. I had taken such a good care of my blood sugar for long, and then that one cup ruins it! I guess that I'll just stay with tea then.

And last, so you won't think that I'm a horrible, whining person, things that have made me happy recently:

1) I found one of my favourite books from a charity shop as a hard cover copy and I had to buy it, even though I already have a copy at home in Finland :D And I'm so happy that I now have it as hard cover! The book in question is of course Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Lovelovelovelovelove. If someone hasn't read it yet, immediately go find a copy and enjoy!

Picture is from here.
2) Pancakes yesterday!

3) Piece of Stilton cheese, that was SUPPOSED to be used for cooking, ended up in my mouth before being cooked. If I had had a glass of wine while eating it with hands, I would have probably cried of pure enjoyment.

weheartit. It would take about 3 minutes for me to make that piece disappear.
4) Contact from Albuquerque. Also, just send me that letter, Hector.

Friday, 17 February 2012

War is the answer.

Friday was so not my day. First thing in the morning I noticed that I got 14 out of my politics course. 14. Yes, I know why I got the mark, because of my nervous breakdown the night before and the fact that I hated that course from the beginning. But still, 14 is 14 and it's right below 2.1. I know that I can still get 2.1 because of the other courses, but still, it's below 2.1!! 15 would have been completely fine for me. For those of you who are not familiar with the Scottish system, the grading is from 1-20, 9 being passed and 20 being the highest mark. Grades from 18-20 are called the first, 15-17 the second first, etc. Basically everything above 15 is good grade and you need to have the average of 2.1 if you want to get into (a good) grad school. Which is why I'm having another nervous breakdown because of that stupid comparative politics that I hated so much.

Because of these bad news, after my seminar I just went to Morrison's to get crisps and pizza for comfort :D I also lost an ebay auction (someone outbid me 7 seconds before end, and I sincerely hope they look fat in that top) and I'm pretty sure that some homeless guy is going to spit on me at work, it would fit to the day... I guess that I have to go out after work and get quickly drunk with Ale and the company.

On Wednesday Ragnhild had her birthday, so I got a cheesecake and some wine home. Anneli joined us for the evening and I introduced them to Picassos Äventyr, an amazing Swedish movie! We also invented another brilliant drink, Three virgins riding sheep on a spring meadow. It has apple juice, absinthe and bitter lemon soda. It was amazing!

I'll continue fighting with the eyeliner before going to work, so here's a song for my today's mood:

I'll try to post some pictures sometime soon.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's special, or not.

I have never really spent a Valentine's day, especially because in Finland it's translated to "Friend's day", so we have more focused on sending cards to our friends to remind them what they mean to us etc. It sounds weird anyway to think that if you're in love with someone you need to celebrate it only on one day a year and then you can just forget about it, which is why I prefer celebrating your friends to your valentine. Also, I am always amazed if I hear someone weeping for not having a date on Valentine's, as if it made them a sub-human or something. Though people are different and I'm just not that type that tries to find a relationship just for the sake of having one. It surprises me every time when someone asks if I have boyfriend, and I answer no, the following question is "Why?". I don't go around asking from people in a relationship why they are in a relationship (though I feel like it sometimes and I have theories of some people ;). Anyway, not getting the concept of Valentine's is also why I don't really understand "anti-Valentine's"-thingies, because it just means that these people let the concept get under their skin maybe even more than the ones who celebrate it, but try to show as if they despised it. If you really didn't care, just have a regular Tuesday today. But I do have a Valentine's day related news, but I think it's not public yet, so I can't write about it yet.
                    I have to post this video just for the sake of it. Now I've done my part for today.

And then something completely different.

A lot has managed to happen during a week and the biggest thing was me getting out Aberdeen, to a weekend trip in St. Andrews. I went with the Pol & IR Society to a St. Andrews Foreign Affairs Conference, which included several lectures from professors of different universities, on the topic of the Arab Spring. Too bad we had to wake up before 5 am on Saturday morning (and I had been working till 1:30 am... Also, having a hungover that continued two days didn't help), so were all pretty much walking dead during the first part of Saturday's lectures before the ridiculous amount of caffeine consumed kicked in. St. Andrews is such a beautiful little town! However, the students in the university were completely different planet with me, because I would have realised that I would have to wear a fancy dress and pearls for a STUDENT conference. I got some of the coldest looks with my leather jacket, boots and jeans. But I really enjoyed the conference anyway and I had an amazing weekend with the Society. I could write so much about it, but it's mainly just inside-jokes, so I don't think that anyone else would get anything. I'll try to post pictures at some point, unless I put them in facebook before and most of you can find them from there then.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

West country girl with a big fat cat.

I was so excited yesterday to go to Krav Maga, but apparently my ancient Finnish witchcraft was too powerful for even me, because the practise had been relocated and I only found out after going to the original gym. The reason why my witchcraft must have been too powerful, is because for reasons unknown, I'm extremely nervous very single time I start a new sport. I have no idea why, but I feel almost anguished for no reason, and I know that I feel great after every time I manage to go. Any solutions would be taken gratefully, but I think that "get drunk" would not work when it comes to sports (anything else though).

I was supposed to go to Nordic Society's Wine and Cheese-evening (it's like they planned it personally for me), but then I realised that tonight is the only night that I can spend home, because I'm completely full-booked for the rest of the week, so I'll be skipping that and enjoy not doing anything for the last time this week. It's kind of nice to be busier sometimes, so I don't have to feel bad about being lazy at home other times...

I've been trying to figure out my International Peace-course case study, and it looks like I'll be going for LRA and child soldiers, which has been one of my main interests after watching Invisible Children (I guess this is quite common). I would have loved to do it on Latin America, but I feel like I have already covered pretty much all the current conflicts in Latin America on my essays and assignments for previous courses and I don't want to start repeating myself. I'm happy that I chose this course instead of Intelligence (my adviser told me that it's not beneficial for anyone if I did both), though Intelligence would have been really interesting as well. But conflict resolution is something I'd love to be involved with later in life, so I guess this is more relevant course for me.

I guess I should start sending more applications for summer now...

Also, a short song that fitted to my almost awkward encounter yesterday :D

Sunday, 5 February 2012

"Because nothing says 'I love you' like: "Get in the van, bitch!""

- Ruaridh

On Saturday we had Liz's birthday where most of us discovered the first time the book "10 000 ways to say I Love You". It was full of such a weird and creepy things, that I'll leave it at that. If anyone wants to learn more about him, here's where you can do that. For example, this should say enough.

Gift wrap a wishbone in a jewelry box.
Send it to her with a note that says,
"I wish you were here."

Yup. But at least we had fun. On Friday I was persuaded to go out after work by Ale with promises of free alcohol and this time I wasn't even too tired, so somehow I ended up to Priory, which I have been about twice before (and there's a reason why I haven't been there more often...), but I had a nice night after all. Like I mentioned in last post, it was the first sunrise in Aberdeen after coming back (though I only saw the thin rim of the sunrise on the skyline, but it was still quite magical, as if someone doesn't know, I'm a big fan of sunrises and sunsets). At work, there was apparently someone kind of famous as a customer, and I felt so bad when they asked what were the good night clubs in Aberdeen for dancing, as we don't have much places of which to be proud of. They're all full of teens getting drunk while wearing nothing, and that's not the kind places you would like to recommend for a professional dancer.

Also, I've gotten a bit more inspiration for learning Spanish, which is always good. Though I think that the most of the beginning of the semester will be spent on sending internship applications.

Also, rediscovered my love for rugby.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Yhtenä iltana, paljon jos viiniä jois.

I don't really have much to say, but I really want to share this with everyone else who thinks that it ruins their childhood.

PS: This is probably the first time when I witness the sunrise properly since I came back from New Mexico. I kind of feel like staying up just because of that.