You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Monday, 30 January 2012

Finally done with the exams.

If I had told anyone that the exams didn't stress me, I lied. On both nights before the exams, I just completely broke down and couldn't even look at my books or notes without feeling like crying. On Thursday I then decided to skype with my parents, and realised that it was the best for me to just stop reading for the politics and forget about it, because I couldn't get myself to it anymore. But luckily they are now over, and I have the next semester starting. I'm planning on taking an extra course because there are two IR courses that sound both interesting. The other one if Intelligence and National Security, and the other is International Peace (this one sounds like ridiculously easy course, so I might as well take it). It is going to mean 4 essays for this semester, but I think that I can do it.

Aberdeen sometime in December.

Of course, it was mandatory to go out on Friday as the exams had ended so we headed with the Finnish girls to Korova after watching Madagascar at my place. I just realised yesterday how twisted view of men I have based on my previous experiences, because I was genuinely shocked after meeting a proper gentleman. It was so hard to believe that someone was actually really nice and considerate person, and not being a dick at all. IN A BAR. I still can't understand it. Though you know you are getting old when you get asked in a bar if you're married (...). And if I am an elementary teacher?? Maybe I was wearing too much fabric for the British night club.

My automatic foot warmer at home.
Yesterday I had my second language exchange, and it was actually great, because the feeling you get for getting even a simple sentence right in Spanish is so great! Later Anneli came over because she needed company for hating the world, and there's nothing better than starting the new semester with a hangover...

Monday, 23 January 2012

Adventure seeker on an empty street.

Yesterday's elections were a great success as I mentioned already, though it is pretty sure that Haavisto will not make it to president, because there's no way that those 17% who voted Väyrynen would vote Haavisto on the second round. However, it is great that Haavisto has gotten more visibility in Finland, because earlier he was extremely unknown despite his long work within the UN.
After the election we stayed at Liisi and watched Hellboy 2 (if you haven't seen it, be proud of yourself. It was a horrible movie), and I even made it back home by myself and didn't lose anything! This time I knew not to touch the rum, luckily.

Tonight I finally did something that I've been wanting to try for so long, I went to a Krav Maga induction. I was actually terrified at first, but luckily Evert went with me so there was no way to back down. And I'm so glad that I went, because it was pretty much what I had imagined it would be! I love the fact that it's not all about perfecting specific techniques, but more of the principles of how to defend yourself and how to counterattack. The whole thing is completely opposite to what especially as a girl I've heard the whole of my life. I've been told to avoid confrontation, and if someone should attack me, I should be as passive as possible to get away with least harm. During tonight we were told how to counterattack as aggressively as possible and how one should always aim for the weakest points. It was so relieving to let the steam out properly and just go for it on pad. It was the second time in years when I got the "high" from exercise (first time in years was from climbing). Of course, I had even the masculinity out by painting my toenails later.

Otherwise, I've been mainly sitting at home revising, and I realised that Queen is the best background music ever. I get such a good feeling from listening to it, that I can even tolerate the politics textbook (and I really, really hate that book)!

Enjoying my time with the politics. I think at this point I was reading about the legislatures in Europe. You can see how excited I was.
 Also, I was happy to find out that I can continue in my work, because I was a bit worried when I left for the break and I didn't hear from my boss about when I could get back. I really like my job, because my coworkers are really great and the whole atmosphere in the bar is cosy, though some of the customers can be "a bit" creepy. But so far I've kind of gotten away with everything with a big smile.
Also, a form of art in Helsinki. By me & Milla.


I just have to say quickly how happy I am! I never knew presidential elections could get me so excited! I have to see if there's a chance for me to go to Edinbourgh to vote on the second round, because I have work that evening. Go Pekka!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Being productive. Kind of.

My head is going to explode eventually because of poststructuralism. If I was still in high school, I'd probably love it, but I've kind of moved on from vague theories to concrete issues. I can't really say that I'm stressing out yet, especially after having two "study group"-meetings. We haven't done much, but it still feel nice to have at least some kind of conversation with others in the same position and realise that the exam won't be that bad. Though after (or during, how one wants to see it..) our first meeting we somehow ended up to Bobbin quite quickly. I feel quite privileged anyway, because Sarah and Evert are way smarter than I am, so I feel like free-rider with them (which is also the problem with liberalism in IR, HA, I know something...). Though I felt extremely smart when I realised (on my own!) that constructivism is a post-positivist approach to security studies! The rest of the day I used for reading Memo, which Anneli loaned me, a book about different memory tactics that hopefully will help me at least with vocabulary in Spanish and Swedish.

Apparently I have also promised to go to Eurotrip during the Easter break, which I don't really mind. I almost booked flights to Berlin for Pol&IR-trip next weekend, but luckily I don't have too much extra money on my account hanging out, so I had to skip that one. I guess I need to keep saving those tips from work and start using library more instead of buying new books... (And read the ones I downloaded on my computer <3 If you know any other books that can be found for free for Kindle, please let me know!)

I wanted to start posting the pictures I found from my phone, so here's the first one. I think that I got this card from Minna when I turned 18. God how I still hate that guy, though he's better than the Hunk who had his bellybutton at the chest.
I finally got a proper reason to continue learning Spanish when a Spanish guy contacted me for language exchange. I really needed that kind of push back into it and now that I hopefully need to have conversation in Spanish once a week, I can't give up. I met him the first time this week and it made me realise (again) how much I actually want to learn it and be able to speak it. Of course, I would have had amazing opportunities to speak Spanish in New Mexico, but somehow I just kept my Finnish mentality, if you can't say it perfectly in foreign language, don't say it at all.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Katsokaa kun mies murtuu.

Oh dear, I shouldn't have said anything about my revision going well yesterday... Today it was just impossible to focus on anything, so I had to take a day off from reading. I mean, if post-Marxist critical security theory (aka the Frankfurt School) isn't doing it for you, what is?! Instead I watched Killing us softly 4-lecture, and afterwards read some thinspiration-blog while eating chocolate and feeling extremely good about myself, because I realised that I'm way too fond of my curves to want to be extremely thin or fit to size 0. I much rather have that extra bra-size than wear a size smaller clothes. I'll probably post something more about the lecture after I've had more time to think about it.

Because my revision was not going to happen I went to have a pint with the anthropologists that had had their exam today. After that I went to Anneli's to show her Kummeli Stories (I can't believe that she hadn't seen it yet!), and we tried some of her absinthe. We managed to create some very interesting mixes, especially "The Crazy ex-Girlfriend" (absinthe & apple-mango-juice) and "Monogamy/The Lost Youth" (Gin & tonic + absinthe). I also realised that the only times when absinthe is drinkable for me, is when it's mixed with other alcoholic beverages. This might be alarming, but oh well.
Crazy ex-girlfriend, monogamy and the pure stuff.

Also, because I've gotten so fond of adding music to these posts, here's one more song that I've been listening to too much.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

There's an a-bomb in my heart.

(And I'm back with the Ark!)

I'm extremely surprised that I have actually managed to get some reading done, though it's over 1,5 weeks until my exam! I don't what has happened to me, I must be ill. I have to admit that occasionally I've had srong temptations to distraction, especially after I brought my old phone here for my Finnish sim-card, and I discovered that it had Snake-game!! Oh the nostalgia! I've been obsessed by it, until I noticed that at some point the snake just stops growing, which takes all the fun out of it! (i admit, it's not the original one, but some upgraded version).  (I JUST FOUND IT ONLINE!! Goodbye revision!)

I renewed my love for Kindle app (I could never afford the real one), after noticing that you can order all the classics for free! I have now about 30 books in my computer, just because :D I discovered these wonderful things after I was looking for the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides, and it was freely downloadable from Amazon. (I'm very much in love right now with Amazon). The historian in me is over the moon the fact that I got the autobiography of Marcus Aurelius, biography of Julius Cesar, the Politics by Aristotle, etc...

So it wouldn't be too positive post, I had to tell my roommate that I can't afford living here next year, and that I'll be moving out in summer. I'd love to stay with her but this place is just way too expensive and I really don't trust the landlord. I might have a place where I'll move then, but I can't really write more of that, because I'm not sure if the people at the place know that I'll be moving in, nor if they want me there :D I feel horrible for leaving my roommate, but hopefully she'd find someone amazing here.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

I'm your man.

I just realised that the previous post was completely rubbish, so I had to delete it.
If someone missed it, here's pretty much what it had to say:

"It's so weird to be back in Aberdeen, especially because it's about +8'C in here and no snow to be seen. This time I didn't really feel too eager to come back (approaching exams might have something to do with this..), but I didn't really feel like I wanted to stay home either. (though I miss my cat already)

I've been trying to get motivation to read, but the politics handouts are just incredibly boring. Today's mission is the first week on both courses and I have to go for a walk to the beach because it's amazing weather right now. I just wish it was slightly colder, because it can't be January if it's closer to +10'C. A taxi driver told me it had been +14'C on Christmas..."

I met up with Anneli on Tuesday and she told me about her trip to Budapest, and I started to miss Budapest even more than earlier, I really need to get back there. It's been three years since I was there the last time and it's way too long. I want to go back and walk along the Danube, dance on the clubs of Pest for Balkan music until 6 am, walk in the small alleys where one can find the loveliest cafes, I just really really need to be in Budapest. Ah, the hot nights in Budapest, as Jethro Tull said it.

Coming back was not really as glamorous as I thought (having the apartment for myself for a night, ah!), because the freezer had decided it was getting too cold and decided to defrost itself. When I opened the door, the groceries inside were basically waving back at me and greeting me. Not to mention the smell. It was HORRIBLE. I was just happy that about 20 minutes before boarding to the plane from Frankfurt I had gotten three proper shots from the duty-free shop instead of the normal amount of the alcohol samples (how could I say no when a good-looking young man is offering me alcohol?!), so I still had some traces of them in my system to face the cleaning job.

To ease the pain, I invited Anneli for some blueberry shots and Black Books, when we came up with the horrible question that what if the man of my dreams is gay? I'm not sure if I could cope with that again, it was hard enough when I found out that Adam Lambert is gay (at least he's dating a Finnish guy).I need to do some research on this issue.

I even found some pictures from my phone to add in here, but somehow the bluetooth between my computer and phone doesn't want to co-operate, maybe I get them here later.

I'll post this video here then, I've been in such a Leonard Cohen mood today!

Monday, 2 January 2012


Only a week left in Finland... And I still have so much to do!

I had a great weekend in Kuopio saying goodbye to the year 2011 with great company and now I'm trying to catch up with seeing the people that I haven't had time to see yet.

Also, I finally have proper promises for year 2012:

1) I'll learn how to walk on heels (I think I'm getting it).
2) I'll learn how to flirt.
3) I'll try to develop my temperament towards something more useful than just bursting whenever.

Unfortunately I don't have many pictures from my time in here, but here's something:

My main activity at home. I'm kind of afraid of Taavi's demon eyes, but I guess I knew he has that side in him.

I think that this was my first day at home. Apparently I was too tired to get up from the floor.

On my way to Boxing day's party. Ja olikin mahtavat Tapsan tanssit!