You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

So while you're outside looking in, describing what you see /remember what you're staring at is me.

Since the year is getting to it's end, I thought that I might as well try to sum it up shortly.

- I've lived in three countries during this year, and Finland doesn't count.

- I've met some wonderful people and had some very hard good-byes.

- I've been to three amazing road trips and seen and experienced so much during this year (also beside the road trips).

- I've visited 12 different airports, and I don't even want to count how much time I've spent in those... For example, on my way back home, I spent 16 hours purely waiting in three different airports.

- I got a job!

- I lost my grandpa, but I'm glad that I visited him the last time I was in Finland before he passed away.

- I've learnt so much about myself and I'm getting more and more comfortable with being me. (This hasn't always been the case)

- I showed myself that I can travel alone, by starting from no lesser destination than New York.

- I fell in love with New Orleans.

Of course I've had some other ups and downs during this year, but overall it's safe to say that it's been extremely good year, all the way to the very end.

I was about to be able to breath normally, I got my cold back after the Boxing day and the great night I had with some friends that I see normally once a year if even then.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

I finally came home on Wednesday and I'll post more about that later. Now I'll go have some more gingerbreads and mulled wine.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Additional comments before going to sleep.

I'm getting a huge deja vu from Anneli. We're equally bad influence on each other, just like this summer Birger and me. It is not good for my liver, nor for my public appearance. But I can't be bothered too much of the second one. Our conversation goes usually "What are you doing tonight? I mean, shortly, drinks?" "YES." (works for both ways). We just have the perfect connection between us :D Though I probably wouldn't hang out with her as much if her roommate didn't have cats ;)

On the other note, I feel like I'm closing a nice circle right now, I started this semester being sick and I'm ending it while being sick. I just hope I get better before my work shifts this weekend. Though I still have some of those superdrugs that I got from the States, so I will survive even if I have to work in this condition (with those pills I might also lose some weight for Christmas, since after I had a week's regimen I think I lost about 5 kg, not that I'm extremely concerned about my weight). And I'm not even in that bad condition (yet), it's just such a pain in the ass with the cough and sour throat. But I still had to pass some socials just so this would not get worse. At least I was able to attend this weeks circlejerk (don't ask, I didn't come up with the name), and get slightly confused. If Pom Poko wasn't traumatising, this will be; all-purpose tanuki testicles.

All of you who know me even little, probably know how bad I'm with staying in touch with people, and I feel quite bad about it, though I can't really change it. That's why I'm really happy when someone remembers to contact me, even if it's on Monday morning almost right after I've woken up (I can't really complain, I probably shouldn't open my computer right after getting up, or while I'm still getting up), like this week. It's wonderful to hear from people that have been really close to me but it's just so difficult to keep in touch when you're not living close to those people. (Also, everyone reading this that feel neglected, sorry if I haven't been in touch).

6 days to go before I'm home!! Only one more tutorial and two nights at work. Now I'll go dream of waking up and being able to breath properly.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

The beach.

 I can't believe that I had forgotten about the thing that always cheers me up! I only remembered today that I still live within 10 mins from the beach and nothing calms me down better than watching the sea. And apparently the storm on Thursday had taken most of the beach away! Also, some of the walls had suffered from collapsing, but they are being repaired right now. Here's couple of pictures from today, it's already so dim though I was at the beach at 3 pm.

An hour walk by the beach and I feel so much better already. Now I'm just relaxing with a cup of nettle tea (my new obsession) and some good music.

Yesterday we tried to get in to Christmas feeling (I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I'm not really a Christmas person) by making some mulled wine at home (from the scratch!) and watching Rare Exports. I'm quite pleased with my housewife skills, because the mulled wine was actually drinkable. But then, I skyped with my mom and she told me that my brother won't be coming home for Christmas and now I'm all confused and I have no idea what to expect, because this will be the first time we won't be together with the whole family. But it'll be fine probably, as long as I will be home in Finland. 9 days left! (Also, I'm still waiting for tips to how to kill time at the Frankfurt airport)

And here's a warning for people who will interact with me before I go home;

Yes, I will be needing those 11 hours of sleep.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Mutta aika ajoin, vain aika ajoin, kaipaan kaikkea sinusta.

I noticed that I might be suffering from some kind of winter drowsiness (if anyone knows a better way to say kaamosväsymys, please tell me). I think it started right when the calender turned to December. No amount of sleep is enough and I just don't have energy for anything. Of course, our "hurricane" yesterday did not help with the lack of motivation to go to work, especially because I literally had to be afraid of being pushed to the driveway by the wind.

Also, after the 1st of December I have been counting days to go home. I don't think that I've felt this homesick ever since I moved abroad, but also I'm not really homesick in a traditional way, but I just can't wait to go home. This can be because I've spent hardly a week at the time in Finland during this year. And now I'm going there for 3 weeks! I guess I'm getting the same feeling that I had during my first year's winter. I felt extremely miserable because of the lack of snow. Here the darkness is so different to the Finnish darkness. I miss and always will miss the snow and it is extremely important for me in the winter. I managed through last winter because there were hardly any change of seasons in New Mexico, so it didn't count. I guess I should get one of those bright lamps (whatever they are called).

Picture is from here.
Well, at least I'm back in my "normal" sleeping rhythm, getting to bed after two and waking up around noon.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Happy birthday Finland!

Yay, I'm so happy that compared to last year, I can actually celebrate the Finnish Independence day somehow this year. Last year I was stressing my ass off because of the finals and my frustration reached the point where I took my lip piercing off (still not regretting it though).  The funny part was that maybe a handful of people even noticed it :D

I don't really have much to say today, here's couple of songs related to today, enjoy them while I go have couple of drinks at Liisi's.

It wouldn't be an independence day without Sibelius. I don't even care that much of our national anthem, but I must listen to this every now and then.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Starting to properly appreciate all the bartenders.

After last night at work, I just want to say to every bartender in the world that has ever served me, Thank you and I apologise. It was such a crazy night at work! And it didn't really help that the Finns came to visit me (don't take it the wrong way, please come more often), because it just reminded me that they were partying (and apparently a bit too much) and I was working. Though honestly I rather earned that ~£40 than used it. I had planned to join them after my shift, but I was just so tired that I was so happy to come home and go to sleep straight away. It was also my first shift with my boss, so I was extra nervous, and of course I broke two glasses in front of him and was really clumsy and disorganised (more than usually). But I got to speak Swedish! There was a huge group of men from Gothenburg and I got to chat with them. One was even half-Finnish and his mom was from Nurmes!

Today I've focused on resting and spoiling myself, I'm showing Lapland Odyssey to Ragnhild later tonight and not do anything important.

17 days to Finland! I really hope that there won't be any snow in Germany or Scotland before the Christmas so I can go home for holidays for the first time in three years without delays.

Saturday, 3 December 2011


I'm never doing a group presentation again.

But, now I'm done with this semester's assignments!!! As a celebration to this I went straight to work on Thursday. I feel so light, like a heavy burden is now off my back and on Thursday I just felt like smiling and hopping around and singing :D It's been quite a rough semester after all. I'm just afraid to find out about the grades, but I'm just happy that everything is now done before the exams at the end of January.

It's already december and I don't even have a Christmas calender.. But only 18 days left and I'll be in Finland! This week I suddenly had a huge amount of energy (for everything else than doing my presentation, because if they couldn't bother for me, why should I bother for them), so I finally started what I had planned ever since I dropped Spanish, I started writing a diary in Spanish. It's just to keep the language in my head and practise it on my own. This has nothing to do with fact that I found out that the Finland's embassy in Mexico is looking for interns again... I also found a lot of other internship placements also, so I probably should start putting my focus on sending applications.

Have I mentioned how nice it is to have a job? That I don't need to take any more loan? It's even nicer to be able to afford things before Christmas, which is why yesterday's tax refunds came at the right time. However, the most excited I'm still of the fact that I can go HOME soon. After the first week I'm probably more than ready to come back, but it's still nice to think of going home.