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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The end of the semester frustration.

 (Aswan, Egypt 2009)

Why do I have to study, when I could be travelling? I got such a longing for anywhere else right not (surprisingly in the middle of writing my presentation) that I feel so restless I can hardly sit still. This confirms my theory that when ever I'm in the same place for longer than two months, I get restless and feel like I need to get somewhere else and soon. Unfortunately the next time I have a chance to travel will be during the Easter break, which is 4 months away! (Going home for Christmas doesn't count, though I'm really happy to go there) Then I made the mistake to see my old pictures from travels and it did not help. I don't want to be poor student anymore :( Why do I have to make this stupid presentation and not book the next flight as far as possible? Why can't go somewhere and learn life instead of these stupid political theories. I found some pictures to post in here from my different journeys, so it won't be just complaining.
(Egypt, with Minna 2009)

(Coming back from our "Scandinavia-via-Paris"-trip, 2009 "Mitään en oo ottanu...")
(The city of my heart, Budapest 2007)
(Bratislava, 2007)
(Having lunch by the Eiffel-tower, 2009)
(When I was 18 I decided that I'd make it here before I turn 20. And I did it, a month before the deadline)
(Hungarian pusta, 2007)
(Taj Mahal, 2005)
(Mountain train from Chandigarh to Shimla, India 2005)
(Egypt, 2009)
(New York, 2011)
(I could tell so much about this picture, but I don't want to :D Mexico, 2007)
(Mexico 2007)

(New Orleans <3 2011)

(Jeunes pour le monde, Massy, France, 2006)
(Finns are representing :D Oh, how I miss that hair colour!) 

I have couple of plans for the Easter break, but I'll get back to them when I hear more of some of the options and after I've checked my finances. I still have 4000€ to take from the student loan...

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Still waiting for the winter.

I have finally finished my essays from this semester, and I have only group presentation left on Thursday (enkä varmasti enää ikinä halua tehä ryhmätöitä, pientä turhautumista saamattomuudesta havaittavissa...). Then I'm (kind of) free! Oh, I can't wait to go home already. There had better be snow when I get there, I'm really missing proper winter. It's hardly even below 10'C in here!

I've been so excited of finishing my essays that I've started to read (REAL books, not the ones you use for studying) again! It's wonderful to get into great novels and not worry that I should be reading something completely different. Also, now I can enjoy movies without thinking that I should be doing something else, so if anyone has seen any great movies lately, I'm more than happy to hear suggestions! I could also catch up with Sons of Anarchy finally...

(My desk around the time I finished my essay. I hid a cider can from the picture, it didn't look that studenty)

I've started to notice that working in a bar is like being really small scale celebrity. It's really weird that everyone in the room notices you and sees everything you do. Last night one group had had a bet of my nationality, but none of them got it right. Their guesses were Swedish, Norwegian and Scandinavian, so not too far though. It is still a wonder for me how many people come to bars to talk with the bartenders. It is like some fresher's party every time "What's your name, where are you from, are you studying, what do you study, etc..". I also got my first under 50-years old fan, but it would have been more flattering if he could have been able to stand up without leaning on something while asking my number. It's probably not that hard to guess that he had to leave without my number.

On Friday Liz invited us for a Thanksgiving-party, which reminded me of last year (again..), and how only a year ago I was in Lake Havasu with my host, riding a jet ski (I think that I've mentioned this to couple of people during this week). Though last year was great in many ways, I'm still waiting for my winter! It's been only once this week that it actually got colder (5'C) and it was great, but the next day it was back to 13'C for my disappointment :( I just realised that I'm becoming properly British, rambling on and on about the weather.. Oh dear.

I'll continue waiting for some kind of answer from my group while reading A Thousand Splendid Suns (everyone has been recommending it and now that I found it from a charity shop for 75p, I thought that I might as well read it).

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My resumé's gonna to be elegant from now on.

Did I remember to tell you that Anneli's roommate has a new kitty? When I got the message about it, I just replied "I'll be there the first thing in the morning!". And because most of you know how indifferent I am to cats, you can probably guess my reaction to him (hint, it was extremely high pitch IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHP that lasted for about three hours, apparently Rob got slightly intimidated by my noises). He even fell asleep on my lap! <3

My "Christmas-shape in a month"- program is not going so well right now, I tried to go to the gym tonight, but because Anneli didn't have her gym shoes (what ever they are called..), she wasn't allowed to the gym.. So we went to the Bobbin... Maybe I'll try again on Thursday.

I also realized that working from 7pm-1:30am and the next day 10am-5pm is a bit too much. I was dead tired on Saturday evening that I had to leave Becky's party around 11 and skip the Emmi's and Ale's party completely (though after we got home with Ragnhild, we made the world slightly better place for almost two hours while sipping salmari..). At work I also noticed that there are only so many proposals one can receive from middle aged men. But it's quite a lot of fun actually, because I haven't had a difficult customer yet (but I can imagine that there are several to come..). So far I've really enjoyed my work and I really like everyone who is working there as well. One of the older workers told me that I won't be single for a long if I work there, but I kind of doubt that since the average age of the customers is about 50.

I finally got my tickets to home for the break, so if anyone is coming to Joensuu around Christmas, let me know :) and if anyone have any tips for killing time in Frankfurt airport, I'd be happy to hear them, I'll be sitting there for 8 hours... Though I found a lounge where you can buy a day pass and get free snacks, drinks, Internet, TV and magazines for the admission, I'll probably just spend my time in there.

I've probably procrastinated enough again, back to my politics course, yay... (yesterday was the first Monday in over a month that did not end up in Bobbin! Progress in becoming a proper student)

Friday, 18 November 2011

Baby we were born to run.

Have I told you that I hate Ale? He made me wake up before 8 am to go to the gym with him, on my morning off! (thought it was actually my idea to join him, but I still hate him because of that).

(Guy Fawkes)

Anyway, I have almost chosen my essay topic for the course that I love so much. I'll probably write about presidentialism in Eastern and Central Europe, but I might be a bit prejudiced for that topic. Though maybe I'll find out new things. Then there's also the presentation for IR, and I don't even have everyone's contact info yet.

(Enjoying my time with the IR essay)

I'm kind of loving the UK bureaucracy, because so far I've never had any problems with it (don't get me started on the US bureaucracy...). I had my interview for the National Insurance Number last Friday and got the number yesterday! And the "interview" meant a 10 min. chat with someone, showing my passport and telling that I've gotten a job. The rest of the time he justcrossing out pages that didn't consider me. When I told him where I got the offer for, he brightened up saying "The Grill? I love that place! It's like the last decent bar in Aberdeen!", which made me feel even better about the place. I'm kind of excited to go there tonight and see how the Friday night is like.

Also, I FINALLY got my money from KELA, the support for my rent from the whole autumn. It's kind of a nice feeling to have 600€ on your account.

 (Milla and me in a Starbucks)

(I was trying to catch the scenery from my window with some questionable success)

Additionally, as you probably noticed, some pictures from Aberdeen. I'll drink some more chai and then probably a nap so I stay awake at work.

(Castlegate, the corner of King Street and Union Street one Sunday morning)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

One down, another one to go.

Finally I got rid of my IR essay. 4055 words and 9,5 pages later I had completely emptied my head. I have another one due next week, but I can't even start to think about that one yet. And it's only for my comparative politics course, so it shouldn't be a problem. Because of my weak state of mind, I was prone to temptations and suddenly I found myself in the Bobbin with a cider in my hand with Anneli (who in half-way changed to Ragnhild), Rob, Ruaridh and Martyn. I just realised that my Mondays seem to somehow always end up in the Bobbin, but oh well, could be worse.

I've been introduced with couple of really good bands lately, which is good because I'm so lazy to find them on my own. Here's one of them: The Cat Empire - Two Shoes

On Saturday I found out first time that a night can be quite hectic also behind the bar. I was so tired when I got home, but I also really liked working at the bar. Everyone else in there are so nice and helpful, I really think that I will be enjoying working in there. And because most of the customers are older men, they are easily dealt with a big smile.

I was trying to attach a picture of what I've noticed to be extremely effective way to start an essay, but it's not working :( I'll try to get better picture soon.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Hyvää isänpäivää!

Hyvää isänpäivää!<3
(Oho, onpa epäselvänä tuo teksti, mutta toivottavasti siitä saa jotain selvää..)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

I got a job!

Apparently jobs are like men. If you don't have one, then you're not even going to get one. But when it starts to seem that you have one, other ones start lining up. Not that I have too much experience in either way of that, but so far it has seemed like that (also, this metaphor caused one of the most hilarious telephone conversations: "WHAT, you have a line of men in your flat?! I'm hanging up now!" "NONONONONONO!", apparently the beginning had been left out for some reason). I got my first call for interview on Saturday for Tuesday (after two moths of silence), then I got message from a bar that applied to about two months ago, on Monday and they called Tuesday if I could come for an interview for Wednesday. Both interviews seemed to go extremely well, and in Wednesday's one I was asked to come back the same night to start up. I was supposed to work from 8 to 10 if it wasn't too busy, but then I ended up working until the closing, midnight. I really enjoyed it, though it was quite tough. It was kind of weird when the "regulars" came to introduce themselves. I think that within an hour after I started most of the customers knew my name. Some people even said when leaving "see you later Noora!" and I was just thinking "I didn't even serve those people...".

I was quite nervous, because the owner had told me that probably a lot of people will be testing me because I'm new, especially because it's more of an old-men-bar, but I just kept reminding me that old men never want to tease a blond young girl, and I was right :D I even got some tip already! And one really good thing in this job is that the have a company taxi, so no one has to walk home after the night.

I'm going back on Saturday, hopefully this time I don't need to serve that many whiskies (they have over 500 different ones in there, so it's going to take some time)..

PS. I SAW A FOX ON MONDAY EVENING! I was coming from Anneli, and three blocks before my flat, there was a fox running towards me. It was about three meters away from me and we just stared at each other for a while before both continued our journeys. It run towards King Street, maybe it was going clubbing with other city foxes. It was a really pretty fox.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Smearing wet concrete and swearing you'll never be caught.

I was helping with university's Study Abroad-fair this week by promoting UNM and (again) it made me think about last year once more. Last year felt like having a break from "real life", from the life I'm more used to. Being in the place that was completely different from anything that I'm used to while still knowing that it's only for an academic year, gave it quite surreal feeling. I think that that is the reason why I had hard time getting attached to places and people. I've also realised that I miss New Mexico quite a lot, more than I thought I would. I had a girl from UNM helping me with our table and talking with her felt like a link between me and New Mexico.

During this week I've had some of the weirdest conversations, for example I was arguing with my professor of whether or not Iceland has strip clubs or not. I think that a gentlemen's club is close enough of a strip club. I also noticed that my feet are the same size with a blow-up doll (Anneli's flatmate is an "artist", who apparently is going to make something important with that doll).

I think that I'm kind of addicted to visiting Anneli because of her flatmate's cats. Though the other one is really sick and cripple, I've (again) realised what a crazy cat lady I will become. We're so deprived of cats with Ragnhild, that we made up a cat :D His name is Jørgen and he is a bit shy, so he lives under our couch table. I get extremely needy around Anneli's cat, it reminds me of how Birger commented me running after our neighborhoods cats during summer "You really need a man". Only about 5 weeks and I get to go home to my own cat! 

Here's some examples of me with Anneli's cat. I have no idea how to spell his name so I'll just refer to it as the cat. (As you see, I'm not needy at all.)
(LOVE ME!!!)

Also, two pictures from the Halloween party.