You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Thursday, 29 September 2011

What a start..

The beginning of my new semester didn't go as well as I had planned. I was going to start strong, be active on lectures, do my readings, attend to the socials of different societies (there would have been one on every single day during this week, and most of them would have included wine...) to meet new people and get something new to do outside the lectures, etc.

Well, my body disagreed.

On Sunday evening, I had such a great time with couple of friends with seeing remastered Jurassic Park in cinema (it was AWESOME, I had forgotten how amazing movie it is), then for a pint and back home. When going to sleep, I started to feel cold and it just got stronger and stronger. I had to put on two layers of clothes and my thermal blanket just to stop me shaking from the cold. My stomach started giving me hard time at the same time, so there was no way to fall asleep. On Monday I managed to get through my classes, though at the end of the last one I was hardly able to hold the pen in my hand. The rest of the evening went taking turns with hypothermia and internal sauna, hardly getting out of my bed. Tuesday was better, and because I didn't have any classes I was able just to relax and get myself together. Before in the evening came and it started to go worse again. On Wednesday I finally got myself to the doctor, but because of some bureaucracy I had some things to do before I was able to get the appointment, I went to the library to fill out some paper work. Ale found me from there filling out the papers while sweating and shaking and to make sure I wouldn't pass out walked me back to NHS to reregister for their services. I managed to get some working pills, and after last night I have finally felt good again. Especially today, I've hardly had any problems with my stomach or anything else.

The doctor told me avoid other people for the next 48 hours still, but since my flatmate hasn't caught anything, I should be fine to see people? (I really want to go to Jamie's house warming party and Victor and Ipe's house warming party this weekend, and after spending this week completely inside, I deserve it, right?)

Though the one good thing about having a lot of time to spend at home is that I've gotten into reading again! It was a about time for me to get excited other than Waltari and Stieg Larsson. I've been reading (mainly tonight, and not much to go anymore) To Kill a Mockingbird, and oh, it's such an amazing book! I got it from a charity shop for a pound and it was probably the best purchase this year. I can't really say much of the book, just that I think it's amazing.

Hmm, I guess that's most of what I had to say this time... Now back to the book.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Finally, I'm back here. It's been a week since I came back and at almost feels already as if I had never left. It great to come back to your friends as if you had never been away, knowing that they are still there for you. So far I've been mainly catching up with people, been out couple of times (how I've missed the Moorings and Exodus' Motown nights! also, I need to stop mixing absinthe into my drinks), walking around the city and campus, trying to remember what is where and how to get to places, went to the beach (I love that it's only about 5 mins away!), I've went climbing couple of times with Ragnhild and Alex (this might become my new hobby, I've never experienced a day after work out that same powerless feeling as right after in my muscles before), met some new and old people, and the most important, waiting for the classes to start next week!

I love my new flat, and I think that this year is going to be great one, especially with living with Ragnhild.

I don't have much to say about my time in Finland, I saw people and didn't relax as much as I wanted, since I was going to different side of Finland almost every other day (though I noticed that driving 6 hours by yourself is surprisingly relaxing).

Hmm, I'll try to post after I have something to say and definitely after I get my courses started.