You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Monday, 29 August 2011

Vähiin käy ennenkun loppuu.

I had a lot of fancy plans of posting things about Iceland, but I kind of don't feel like doing it now and I think that it is not the same if I do it after I've returned to Finland, so I'll just post about things that I'm going to miss after leaving this country.

Here's some main things, we'll see how far I get.

I'm going to miss:



All the wonderful people that I have met

My room


Weird nights in/Weird "let's do something"-nights out

My roommates, especially having Birger to spend those "auughrdmbdsh"-evenings/days with within 5 meters.

Street art

Sun sets and light summer nights

Ölsmiðjan and it's wonderful bartender who always tried to have a conversation with me even though I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about

Dillon and those "Let's go for a 'couple'"-evenings in there

Kaffibarinn, though I didn't make it there in the last month

Den Danske Kro and it's great terrace

Sneaky cookie-breaks with Siri at work

Trying to pronounce Icelandic words in the proper way




Great little cafes

Elves, trolls and other mythological creatures

Anyway, it's been a great summer, though it was not my dream job. I was asked to come back to that job next year, so if I don't get anything else, who knows if I find myself from here again in a year?

Also, some songs that will probably remind me from this summer for a long time.

This, definitely this, and these two.

Skál Ísland!

(2 days until Finland!!)

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

9 days left.

Wow, I've been really lazy with this thing. I'll try to give a short description what I've been up to, which is not that much.

I think that couple of days after the last post I finally went to this Whale Watching-thingy, where they take us to the ocean for couple of hours to try to spot any whales. We only saw one Minke Whale, but luckily it was quite hungry for attention, so it was posing for us for about 30 mins, so everyone got a chance to have good look at it. It was about the size of a dolphin, maybe slightly bigger and though I was kind disappointed, it was still cool. After that we went see the puffin island, and saw A LOT of puffins, which is probably the cutest bird ever (also Icelanders are extremely proud of having the largest puffin population in the world, and it's everywhere).

Then I finally got 5 days off from work, and 5 of us Nordjobbers headed for a road trip! We ended up driving the whole ring road (the one and only Icelandic "highway"), going from Snæfellsnes (ah, so beautiful!) to Akureyri, Akureyri to Husavík (world's only "phallological museum" aka the penis museum, also the main reason for the whole trip :D ), Mývatn to say hi to Kajsa and to see Goðafoss, an amazing waterfall, Dettifoss, Europes most powerful waterfall, Dimmuborgir, and bunch of other stuff (I can't bother remembering all of it). After the first night in Mývatn we were all soaked in our tents, and for the other night we decided to go for a posh summer cottage, with heating and walls and bathroom and kitchen and everything fancy like that. From there we continued to Egilsstaðir, where they have Iceland's biggest forest, which isn't much :D But it was great to see actual trees and a lake! They have a huge wyrm-monster in that lake and in medieval time the Icelanders had to call Finns to help them with the monster, since they were not able to anything with it. Finns got it locked from it's head and tail to the bottom of the lake, so it shouldn't be able to harm anyone, but you never know.. From there we continued to Höfn (pronounced as Höpn, hihi ^^) through this tiny town called Djúpivogur. It's main attractions were some guys stone collection and a bunch of stones carved into shapes of eggs on the industrial harbor... On that day, the hidden people actually tried to lure us into their secret little world, when we were driving from a beautiful waterfall that wasn't marked in anywhere or had any name, and we drove into the thickest fog where we were hardly able to see the bonnet of the car. But we managed to stay on the road and not get into the temptation to go to the elf world. On last day we went to Jökulsárlón, the glacier lagoon we visited when we were in Skaftafell. This time it was full of tourists, but we managed to see two seals!

I missed the thing I had waited for the whole summer, the Reykjavik Gay Pride :( I was working the whole weekend, so I missed all the parties (though work has not stopped me earlier on this..), concerts and the parade. Hopefully the people who took part on the program had at least fun.

Last Saturday the whole Iceland was again in Reykjavik, celebrating the Culture Night. It looked exactly like what it is in Finland on 31.5, but even more people. I went to see the free outside concert, which was really good, and it ended with amazing fire works.

Other than that, I've been mainly at home, watching movies or Black Books..

I'm too tired to post any pictures this time, but you all can see them probably on facebook anyway when I bother uploading them there.

(Also, I'm kind of starting to freak out that I need to leave Reykjavik and especially this weird little house with the weirdest nights in)