You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Monday, 25 July 2011

If you get lost in an Icelandic forrest, just stand up.

First of all, all my sympathies for Norway.

The end of the last week was just amazing, and I hope that I manage to be coherent while writing about the things I've done.

On Thursday we went to Blue Lagoon, which was nice, but not anything extraordinary. Apparently it's the number 1 place for young couples to come and have sex in, because the water looks like milk because of the minerals and you can't see through it. But, there was the one thing that I've been craving for, a real SAUNA. The moment I saw it I basically run on water to get there as soon as possible. It was so wonderful to get into a sauna finally. Overall, I understand why Blue Lagoon is though to be one of the main attractions of Iceland, but it's still way too overpriced (4800 kr, about 30€ to get in)

(We got stranded for a while on our way back)

The weekend finally came, and on Friday evening we started our journey to Skaftafell, which took about 5 hours by car. On our way there we stopped at Vík to see a beach that has black sand, and we also saw some stoned trolls over there! We also saw an elf church and some elf houses, but unfortunately I don't have any pictures of them.
(I could have stayed for hours in here, just watching the sea)
(Those huge rocks are stoned trolls)

When we finally made it to Skaftafell around 11 pm, we just built up the tents as fast as possible to get to go to sleep. It would have not been proper camping if right after we set ourselves into tents ready to fall asleep, a heavy rain started. Luckily only my feet got wet during the night, and the rain was over by the next morning. On Saturday morning we had a walk on the glacier booked, and even tough it only took 2,5 hours, it was really cool. We were on an outlet glacier of the Vattnajökull, and unlike what one would think that a glacier looks like, it was completely gray, because of the volcano eruption on May.

After the exploration of the glacier, we had lunch, followed by an hour nap on the grass, which was a great opportunity for the sun to grill my face. When we had woken up enough from the nap, we went for a small hike to a waterfall called Svartifoss, and later that evening to see Jökulsárlón, a glacier lagoon close by.

Of course the rain did not leave us, so on Sunday we just tried to pack our stuff as fast as possible and get into the car to warm up. We had a lot of time, so we stopped quite often, especially on the main waterfalls, to see the beautiful view.

I also noticed last week that I have arm muscles! I've never had visible ones before, so I really feel like I've accomplished something in here :D Now I only need a mullet and a mustache. No idea for what, but I just feel like they would complete my appearance now.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

"I'm only saying that where I come from/ people find it very fashionable/ to burn like a flame/ never get tame/ grown-up and lame"

I couldn't come up with a topic, so I went back to quoting The Ark. Today has not been one of the best days (as most of my (work)days here...But forget everything I've said of cleaning toilets etc. the worst thing is absolutely unclogging shower drains...), so I might as well try to think other, nicer things and write here.

Today I've been working for 7 days in a row (2 more left before the break), and I can tell. I was supposed to start at 9 all mornings because I work so many days in a row, but so far I've had 2 9 o'clock mornings, 2 8 o'clock mornings and 3 7.30 mornings. Can't wait for tomorrow morning, 7.30 and I'll be feeding a German group of 40, my instructor said that "after tomorrow you'll know what hell looks like". ... Luckily it has not been all work, but some play too. On Friday there was a short Nordjobb-Snorri -reunion, which was really nice, though I couldn't stay out too long because I had work on Saturday.

On Saturday evening I was (again) extremely fed up with work, especially because I really missed being in Ilosaarirock, and I didn't get to see Sielun Veljet. To ease my pain, I called Laura and we went for "just couple beers", "I need to be in bed around 11, because I'm really tired". One thing led to another, Sakari and Sylevain joined us and then it was like "Okay, I'll have just one more, then I'll go" "Ooh, where are you going next? I want to go there too! I'll just have one in there and then I'll go" and so on. It was almost early when I got home and one can imagine how well rested I was on the next day at work. But it was a fun night.

Tomorrow I'll be finally getting to the infamous Blue Lagoon, the place where everyone visiting Iceland need to go, even though no one really recommends that place. But it'll be nice to get into water at least.

On Friday evening I'll finally get properly outside of the city! Nordjobb organizes a trip to Skaftafell, it's part of Vattnajökull-glacier national park, and I'm so excited! It's basically the only place where I really, really want to go and finally I'll get there. We're going there camping, and I just used basically all my cash on food for the weekend, because we need to bring our own food over there. But I guess that food is always worth spending on. I hope that after this weekend I have some amazing pictures to post, I think that during this week I've taken like 3 pictures on total.

I'm having a horrible longing for traveling even though I have hardly even seen Iceland! I guess I've spent too much time in the city and now I feel like going as far as possible. I have some plans for the next summer, but I'll see if I get enough money to realize them. Fingers crossed.

(2 moths and I'll be in Aberdeen!!)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Rambling vol. 2

Today I had the day just for myself for the first time in sometime. Even though I really enjoy having people around and basically all the time someone to talk to, it was really nice to just be by myself. Today was also my last day off for the next 9 days, so I really needed this. It has been weird for me to start living in downtown, being close to everything for the first time ever, but I know that I could get used to this. The only downside so far is when I'm coming home from work feeling like not being in public before taking a shower and the most convenient way home is through the main shopping street (I could take my street from the beginning, but the last time I did it Mormons stopped me and now I'm afraid to go that way anymore).

Changing the topic, I love how my mom has the priorities in right order, the last time we spoke on skype she told me that she had seen my pictures from here, and asked really concerned if I have remembered to eat properly, because I seemed to have lost weight :) No worries about that anymore, I've been very well fed by my Norwegian flatmate, though I'm sure that he's just trying to get me fat so he can make a stew out of me like that witch in Hansel & Gretel-story.

Here's some more pictures:

(Having tea and cake with Siri)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

101 Reykjavik

I moved to downtown on Friday, and so far I just love it. My room is so much nicer and bigger than the previous one, I'm close to everything (and I get to do my groceries in Bonus! It's the cheapest food market). I also get to see what it's like to live with men, because I have two flatmates, an Indian guy and a Norwegian guy (who's also a Nordjobbar). So far it has looked really good, on the first night we were sitting and chatting in the kitchen til 1 am. I knew that this was my kind of place when on Saturday after I got back from work exhausted, sat in the kitchen while dying from inside when Birger came there, asked how the work was, -"Auughaarmph...." and immediately a cold beer was handed to me.

On Sunday evening I had a dinner with Evy, we went to a lovely Tapas restaurant where we tried kangaroo, horse, puffin and scallops, a wonderful dessert sampler plate and a pitcher of sangria, so it was a perfect kind of girls night out.

Then I've been mainly working, but I love that despite sleeping, I hardly spend any time in my room, because there's always someone to talk to and to hang out with in our apartment.