You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Monday, 25 April 2011

Bitch slap from the sun.

I got some kind of anxiety attack on last Monday, so trying to trick my subconsciousness I've kept myself quite busy this week. Today is the first day during this week when I don't have anything planned or I haven't been that social, but I guess it's okay.

On Tuesday we had an international pot luck thingy in our dorm, so I made, what sounded the easiest and actually was it, gravlax for it to represent Finland and other Nordic countries. Unfortunately I don't have picture of my dish, but it was surprisingly good. And other people actually liked it too! A lot of them came to get more of which I was extremely surprised. I also kind of hoped that no one would like it and I could eat all of it myself, but that didn't happen and I only got couple of extremely small pieces of left overs.

On Thursday was Diego's going away -party, which was a great night, but surprisingly the next morning wasn't that great.. It's weird how feminine it makes you feel when you have high heels that violate your feet so that after one night you can't use anything else but sandals for the rest of the week.

Friday I got my inner ice hockey fan out and watched couple of NHL play-offs with Neesha. I had a moral dilemma between Nashville Predators and Anaheim Mighty Ducks because so far my team has been determined by the amount of Finns in the team. This time both teams had Finns, so it was harder. Eventually I chose Nashville and luckily they won. I was surprised how quickly 3 hours can go by without realizing it. Because Hee Joo was out of town for the weekend, and I had the room for myself, I was extremely radical and went to bed early (for me, not probably early for someone else).

On Saturday I finally got to go to the Zoo with OIPS. I think the pictures are the best to tell about it, though I feel kind of bad, because most of the animals looked quite sad and bored.

Leijonien luona kukaan ei ollut ymmärtämässä miun Jylhäkallio-juttuja...

I've noticed that I have a weird obsession of salamanders. I have yet to see one in wild.

(No, I don't like cats)

This week I surprised myself by socializing with other people in my dorm and made even dinner with some of them on Wednesday. One could say that it's about time since I'm leaving in 3 weeks. Also, the title refers to my face, because on Friday I saw a friend and we talked about and hour outside, in direct sunlight. During this time I managed to burn my right side completely, and my face looks like I got a proper bitch slap from someone (even after 2 days there's a distinct difference between my left and right cheek). Of course the rest of the weekend has been cloudy so I couldn't go out and get my left side some sun.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I couldn't even come up with a topic this time, but that shouldn't bother anyone too much. I have less than a month left in Albuquerque and I don't know what to think or feel. In a way this place has grown on me but also I can't wait to go back home and see the old friends again (paras kesä tulossa, kuhan sais vaan töitä.). Then again, it means losing all the new friends and not know when to see them again. Also, I really don't want to go back to Scotland's weather after New Mexico, but then again I can't wait to go back to Aberdeen to my British family (as dear Jamie stated it) and catch up with the life in there. I guess this is the price you have to pay for wanting to explore and live abroad, and I wouldn't change it for anything. It's just so hard because I get attached to every place I visit (except Arizona, I can live without going back there now that I've seen the Grand Canyon). (And I know extremely well by now what a friend of mine meant when she welcomed me to the suitcase life after I got in to Aberdeen)

Also, I have finally some plans before coming back to Finland! My friend asked me to join her and go for a small road trip. We decided to do Austin- New Orleans- Atlanta- Nashville- Memphis- Austin -round, plus everything in the between. I'm so excited to finally go somewhere, because other than my trip to Finland in February, I haven't been outside New Mexico during this semester. I'm sure that the trip will be awesome and I get to see the part of the USA that you rarely see when coming here from Europe. I almost wish that it was the mid-May already, but then it would also mean saying goodbye to the life in here. (Mark your calenders, I'll be in Finland around 24th of May!) I guess this month will be filled with emotions, but that's probably a good thing, because it means that this place means something to me.

I'll try to remember to have my camera around campus some day, it's really beautiful in here and I'd like to show it.

Välillä tekisi mieli kirjoittaa suomeksi taas, mutta toisaalta on nolompaa kirjoittaa huonoa kielioppia äidinkielellään, joten ehkä mie vaan pitäydyn tuossa englannissa. Saa kaikki virheet helpommin anteeksi. Ei tässä muuta sen ihmeempää, teki vaan mieli kirjoittaa välillä suomeksi ees tämmöinen turha pätkä. Koska en osaa laittaa biisiä tänne (viisaammat saa vinkata), niin laitan linkin:

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Nothing new.

Last week was again disturbingly boring and not much happened.
We did find a great "all-american" restaurant called Bumble-Bee with Sunny and what else would be as American as a cheeseburger and a strawberry milkshake (both were amazing!). I felt like I should have taken them to go and watch Grease while eating them.

(From last summer's Grease session with Aura and Ville)
I found the best excuse for eating (especially all kinds of snacks), studying. I think that I concentrate better if I have something to do with my hands, and holding food is perfect for them. Too bad I usually end up having all my books around me and a huge pile of food next to me, and then I just concentrate on eating without even glancing the books. After I have nothing more to eat, I feel extremely productive and decide to postpone actual studying for next day, "since I already did so much". It's a vicious circle, but so far I've managed to fool myself pretty well and it makes me happy.

I also did something I never expected to do after high school, and it was the first time since the matriculation exams (which was three years ago). I wrote an application in Swedish. I applied for Nordjobb and it was definitely interesting trying to remember how to form understandable words and sentences. ("Jag heter Noora..." HOW ON EARTH AM I GOING TO CONTINUE THIS?!?!") Eventually I got pretty much stuff in the letter and I'm proud of myself but not that proud that I'd ever allow anyone to read it, except the people on Nordjobb ("You do WHAT on your spare time?").

Maybe I manage to do something exciting during this week, but don't have your hopes too high.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Absolutely No Decorum.

(There's some frozen yogurt underneath everything else, really!)

Last week was basically the complete opposite to the earlier week. Apparently being active and doing stuff make you feel better than doing nothing, who knew?

I went to see True Grit and Sucker Punch with Neesha, and I can recommend True Grit to everyone. It was just amazing movie! I'm starting to think that the Coen brothers are superheroes of movie making. Sucker Punch was okay, but not as great as I expected. Like Neesha said, "I'd probably had enjoyed it more if I was a lesbian or a straight guy". I'm going to miss going to the movies with her, because it's so great to share the experiences with someone who gets the same kind of excitement from really good movies. It's was great to leave the theater after True Grit when someone else was also almost jumping from the excitement that the movie left.

We're establishing a short tradition with Sunny for the rest of the semester by having a dinner on Thursday evenings. It's great to get out of the campus, even if it's within few blocks and get my head of the schoolwork and stress. So far, we've also found two great Asian restaurants and last week we even got free dessert. On Friday we had some frozen yogurt and somehow ended up playing root beer-pong in the Redondo-communal area. And we almost won!

I also tried the Boba Tea Company for the first time, when I went there with Hector on Monday, but the tea I got was a bit weird. Especially the tapioca balls were something too weird for me, but next time I know not to take them with the tea. They just felt wrong in my mouth, like a small rubber balls that are hard to bite.

Then of course there were couple of nights out and especially Saturday's International Party was great. (Though these pictures are not from there)
(Santiago, Marta, me and Gustavo)

This week is going to be extremely busy with studying, since I did nothing during the weekend. (And just so you know, when ever I say that I'm going to study/continue reading/etc. it means that I should go back to reading but actually I'm going to do everything else, except studying)