You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Saturday, 5 February 2011

More News From Nowhere.

I guess we can all agree that I'm really bad at this. But at least I try.

I returned the USA on 8th of January, spending a week in New York before returning to Albuquerque. It was an amazing week, but I can't be bothered going to details, but I absolutely loved the Museum of Natural History, The Met, The Museum of Modern Art and of course, the headquarter of the UN! Anyone wanting more details can ask them from me, since I'm feeling really lazy now.

In ABQ I haven't really done anything worth mentioning, I've started a new semester quite easily, but I guess the stress and worrying will be ahead of me eventually. I've spent some time with friends, and I've tried my best avoiding the La Posada, our campuses canteen. After last semester, I can hardly even think about eating there.

This week has been pretty funny, because of winter and snow, I only had school on Monday. it has been actually really cold here, up to -18'C (+ a horrible wind making it even colder), but not really any snow. This close the UNM for Tuesday and Wednesday, and from the rest of the Thursday to Sunday the UNM is closed in order to save energy and natural gas (uni was open 'till 3.30 on Thursday, but luckily I have only one lecture on that day and it's on 5.00-6.15). So it's been a pretty easy week. Unfortunately this has meant that the gym and libraries are closed as well, and it's really cold outside, so everyone has been mainly staying inside. All I've been thinking has been "this would never happen in Finland", but at the same time, I've learned to enjoy the snow day's :D

I think this has been pretty much what I've been up to (I really, really, try to post more often).