You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Saturday, 25 December 2010

Home again.

Finally, about two weeks ago I decided to come home for Christmas, since I had nothing else planned for Christmas, and I was extremely lucky, getting home from Paris before the "snowstorms" really begun. But now shortly what has happened in the past month.

Thanksgiving was on 26th of November, and Aili took me to lake Havasu ( a small lake in the border of California and Arizona) to celebrate it. Her friend, Dave had rented a houseboat, two floors, a kitchen, a jacuzzi and 4 double-beds. Unfortunately, because if bad weather we were unable to make the most of the boat and lake, but we definitely managed to enjoy of the jacuzzi, and jet-skis Dave had brought with him. Overall, it was a wonderful weekend, with a lot of new experiences.

After Thanksgiving started the stressing out of the finals, and there wasn't much special happening after that. People were mainly studying, having some parties and worrying about the end of the semester. A lot of us internationals left UNM after this semester, so the last week had good-bye parties everyday, but I'm really hoping to see them again sometime. After two weeks without sleep, my finals were finally over, and my travel to home was able to start. It took me the whole weekend (again, no sleep) but on Monday I finally managed to get home. I have to say, I'm actually really enjoying being here, in the freezing cold (on 24th it was -31'C) and in the middle of the snow, but I'm also excited of January, I'm heading to New York on 8th, and spending a week in there! But before that, I still have a lot to do here :)

I also noticed how crazy Americans go with the Christmas decorations and lightnings, that was almost scary and really weird. I went to see the 'river of lights' in ABQ's botanic garden and saw the weirdest Christmas lights I have ever seen.