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You get what you take.


Sunday, 21 November 2010

I'm still alive..

It's been a while again since my last post, so I think I'll just quickly go through what I've done.
I've probably said it earlier, but the Americans take everything extremely seriously and it's starting to feel really creepy. For example, Halloween started on August and the houses were decorated about month before the day. And it wasn't "just for fun"-kind of decoration, but there was same kind of decoration race going on in neighborhoods like we've just to see in tv for Christmas. People asked what I'm going to wear month earlier, while I started thinking about it two days before. The night it self was really nice, I went to a "real" American Halloween party, which put all my previous Halloween parties into shade. But I would have never guessed that I'd have the most interesting conversation of the autumn in that party, I met a soldier who had served in Iraq, and in a way, it was a huge shock for me, since I've never really talked with anyone who has been in a war. The most shocking part for me was that he was about the age of my brother, but nevertheless we had a really interesting talk.

Next week was the Día de los Muertos, the Mexican celebration honoring the dead. We went to South Valley to see a parade, which was really nice, I'd like to have that kind of positive spirit in Finnish celebrations too. The pictures will speak for themselves, so check out facebook some time when I bother to upload the pictures :P

The week after that I went to a small road trip with Laura, Christian and Christian's friend, whose name I can't spell. First we went to Jemez to enjoy a hot spring, in which we spent two hours, before it became really crowded. We spent the night in Farmington and on Sunday we drove to Mesa Verde, Cortez and Mountain Valley. The views were so beautiful everywhere, so I'll let the pictures to speak for themselves again, and they are already in fb.

Otherwise, life here has been pretty normal student life.

Ps. if no one comments here, I'll start posting in Finnish.