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You get what you take.


Monday, 18 October 2010

Weekends well spent.

I think it's about time for a new post, especially because I have managed to do stuff in here!
To go back to the end of the September, Albuquerque had State Fair, which was everything you would expect from American fair. There were all the carnival rides, huge portions of food, daredevil shows and more food. It was in a way really surreal, I felt like walking in a movie set, with all the bright colours, loud noises and McDonalds farm (that was really creepy).

My host Aili took me one weekend to Jemez, a city that is basically a national park, to wander around and enjoy the landscape. We went to Bandelier National Monument, which was a park that had Indian ruins, and a trail that included caves where the natives used to live in the area. The whole day was an amazing experience, with all the history, nature and a hot spring waterfall.

Albuquerque had the Balloon Fiesta a couple of weeks ago, and we went there one Saturday morning with Karina, Marta and Sunwoo. Wake up at 4 am and was worth the view of tens (closer to a hundred) of balloons rising up in the sunrise. The balloons were all the shapes and colours one can imagine, including even a Darth Vader -balloon. Unfortunately that give my body the last reason to develop a cold, but as mentioned before, it was worth it.

Two weeks ago, Aili took me to Colorado with her friend, and that was an amazing experience. The landscape was so beautiful, with mountain tops covered in snow. We stayed in a town called Pagosa Springs, in a spa, that's pools were warm/hot 100% mineral water, coming from the hot springs. I'm sure everyone can imagine how wonderful that was. We spent the weekend driving around the San Juan mountain (a part of the Rocky Mountains), taking pictures and enjoying life. I can't express how grateful I'm to Aili and Dave for taking me there. The whole weekend was just amazing.

Last weekend we had the fall break (Thursday and Friday off), and so we decided to head to Grand Canyon with Laura, Gustavo, Vicente and Sam. After some uncertainty, we finally made it to the road on Friday afternoon. There were 5 of us in a small Ford Focus, but it didn't matter since we were all so excited about going to Arizona. We arrived to Flagstaff around nine, and tried to find a cheap motel where to stay the night. Finally we got one, which followed the search for food. Next morning we headed to GRAND CANYON(!!!), which was just as beautiful and amazing as one would think. We stayed there 'til the sunset, which was also amazing. Since we were on an adventurous mood, we didn't have any reservations for the second night either, so we drove back to Flagstaff and searched for another motel (The whole city was full of tourists). We finally found a motel that advertised itself "Cable color tv", and the motel was a hole. If we hadn't been all in the same room, we would probably had missed a few organs in the morning. Though I noticed Saturday evening that the earlier "nicer" motel had given me few bites in my legs, by something I don't even want to think about. I wonder how the another motel, that advertised "clean rooms" would have turned out. But we survived the freezing night in there, and made it safely back to Albuquerque yesterday evening.

These couple of weeks have also been very busy in the school, with the midterm exams, assignments and paper dues, so it has been a relief to get away during the weekends. If I survive this week, I have two week without ANY deadlines, I can't wait.