You don't get what you deserve.
You get what you take.


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

What I've learned so far...

I will be adding here things that I have learned while staying here. Note: This list will be renewed every time I learn something new. These are all facts, not at all generalizations.

- Every student in Universities want to go to law school.
- Everyone owns a skateboard and uses them to walk the slow distances you can't drive with your car.
- Everyone has a tattoo or piercing. Unfortunately quantity doesn't replace quality.
- "What? You don't have dollars in Europe?"
- Apparently Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia still exist.
- Latin Americans party the hardest.
- According to my Argentinian professor, the easiest thing in the world is to mobilize Latin American students.
- Finding food with REAL fiber is even harder here than in Scotland.
-If New Mexico was an independent state, it would be the third biggest nuclear weapon country.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Living in a ghost town.

So much for trying to write once a week...

I'm now officially in the uni world in here, and it's quite an experience. We have a lot more work to do for the courses, but it's more comparable to the work we did in high school. So far I'm really excited about 3 courses but I hope that the two other courses would develop to be more interesting. Lectures are 50min - 1h 15 min, so it's not too bad and they are something between the lectures and tutorials of Scotland.

I have met more people and spent some time in the evening watching movies, playing pool or just general hanging out. There are couple of Halls that have great recreational facilities (not in mine, of course), so we've been taking advantage of them. On my birthday we had a picnic by the duck pond, where apparently all newlyweds come to take their picture. Later we went to discover the Old Town (or as Aili said, the tourist trap of Albuquerque), which was actually quite nice. There were lots of small galleries, souvenir shops and restaurants. The night before my great roommate surprised me by our room almost filled with balloons and she had also made "balloon flowers" by tying 6 balloons together and attaching them to the walls.

The first "real" event that I discovered from Albuquerque was the gig of Apocalyptica, where we tried to get in with couple of friends. Too bad for us, we only found out from the door that you can only get tickets from online, and there were no public computer near in the Downtown. Otherwise, it has been a struggle to find anything happening in the city. Albuquerque is REALLY wide-spread and there are at least three different "centrals" (Uptown, Downtown and Old Town). Last Saturday we decided to go to Nob Hill ("cool student-oriented shopping/clubbing -area" close to the UNM), to see what it had to offer, and we only found a handful of bars/clubs that seemed anyway interesting. I was also really excited about all the musicals that are shown in the theater of the UNM, but later I found out they are all performed in the spring. I guess I need to search deeper (I'm hoping to find anything even close to Club No Borders). Even the Museum of Natural History and Science was a disappointment, because it was more family and children-oriented than a "serious" museum, but luckily there are more museums for me to explore. And we can always arrange something to happen with the people I know here.

Oh, and I'll be representing University of Aberdeen on Thursday's Study Abroad fair. We'll see how many people I can get to come to Aberdeen!