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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Entering the New World.

After stressful waiting for my passport and some lucky & unlucky incidents while travellin to Albuquerque, I finally made it to my "host"-family. For those of you who don't know, my aunts childhood friend Aili moved 44 years ago to Albuquerque after her sister had married American man. My aunt and Aili hadn't been in touch for about 18 years, but in the spring my aunt found her from facebook and contacted her. Aili's nephew is a juggler and because the European Juggling Convention was held in Joensuu this summer, they both came there. We met up, and Aili promised to take care of me and her sister, Eila then hosted me for three nights, before I was able to move in the campus. Both Aili and Eila were wonderful hostesses, helping me anyway they could, showing me around the city and introducing me to the American culture. I won't forget the long discussions of the health care and domestic politics, or sitting in a hot tube in pouring rain.

I live in a double room, my roommate is very nice South Korean girl Hee Joo, who studies computing science. The room is nicer than I thought, we have two writing desks, two LARGE wardrobes, a fridge, a microwave and a small freezer. The cooking facilities are almost non-existent, and like the shower & toilet facilities, and shared with the whole floor. Last night saw my first cockroach here :D

I've met some great people, but I've mainly been in touch with other international students. I hope there will be change to that when I'll join the student organizations (or societies) and get more involved in the university. So far I have 5 courses for this semester and already after two days of classes I've noticed some huge differences between the schools in Europe and America (or at least Finnish, Czech and Scottish systems), but I probably write more about them later.

International students are taken really good care of here, and we had really good (and long) orientation and plenty of different socials already, including salsa-night and a nice picninc. I was on Sandia Peak -trip to the world's longest tramway (though according to the Colombian guys on the trip, Colombia opened last year the world's longest tramway) that took us to the top of the Sandia mountains where we had short hike. We are also trying to gather people with Marta (another student from Aberdeen) for a day trip to Santa Fe, because the OIPS's (office of international programs and studies) Labor day -trip there is too expensive, and so far we've got few people excited about it.

That's all for now :)

P.S. It's HOT in here.